And It’s Over

Our Goddess Gathering that is–Wednesday I drove into Tucson to the house we had rented.  I opened the door and starting saying, “WOW” out loud as I wandered through the house.  The house was reasonably priced, had four bedrooms, more than ample living space and a gorgeous outdoor living area.  I was so impressed with this lovely home as were my girlfriends.  Kelly and Elaine arrived just after lunch time on Wednesday and we headed off to find a late lunch and groceries while we waited for Shirley to arrive.

Thursday we spent the morning drinking coffee and catching up–then headed off to find lunch.  Our original plans were to visit the St. Xavier Mission.  But when two of the ladies noticed the huge saguaros in the parking lot of the restaurant and said they had never been to Tucson, we changed plans.  We were within a few miles of the east Saguaro National Park entrance and decided to take the loop drive through the park.

 There must have been a memo about wearing white shirts! 🙂 🙂

We spent lots of time at the house–dining on the patio beside the pool and last night tried to take some group photos with the camera and tripod.  I think I wore out the girls as we got a little silly and giggly!

Friday we visited the St. Xavier Mission–an amazing structure considering its age!!

All that walking around at the church made us hungry for ice cream–Dairy Queen it was!  Back at the guest house we spent our last evening out on the patio and Saturday morning we all departed for home.  As just as soon as it began, it’s over–until next year!

I braved Costco after dropping the ladies at the airport–what a zoo!!  Once I left the parking lot I called the Cowboy to tell him I was leaving Tucson.  He told me he had heard on the radio about an accident on I-10 just east of Benson which had freeway traffic slowed.  By the time I got to Benson, 40 minutes later, the freeway traffic was at a dead standstill–I sat in one place for over 30 minutes.

And–I am officially a “Senior!”  While visiting the Saguaro National Park I purchased a lifetime senior national parks pass–I just missed being able to buy the pass for $10 but my 62 birthday fell just 10 days after they raised the cost to $80!–still a bargain!



12 thoughts on “And It’s Over

  1. Jim and I went to Christmas Mass at the Mission. After Mass, locals were selling tortillas, tacos outside. We were fascinated with the interior and followed the Pilgrims as we all prayed to St. Francis, an eye opening experience. There is no heat in the Mission so if it is cool outside, it is equally cool inside.


    1. It was a warm day but nice and cool inside the mission–mass there would have been awesome! There were people selling food outside the mission–we weren’t hungry so didn’t wander over but maybe we should have–homemade tortillas???


  2. What a lovely place for your ‘Gathering!” Made staying home seem like a plan. Glad you showed your friends all the gorgeous saguaro. Did they get to any crested beauties? I, for one, was glad to see them raise the price of the Senior Pass. I told John to pay $80 for his back a few years ago. That $10 was too cheap. The parks really need money. I hope they decide to raise the entrance fees of the overcrowded parks.


    1. I looked and looked for a crested Pam but I was the driver too!! One of the informational signs had a photo of a crested so they could see what I was talking about. I don’t know the answer to the overcrowded national parks–it’s becoming a real problem.


  3. My family and I just finished our camping family reunion just south of the Mission, out in the cactus and mesquite. Near us, two Tohono O’odhom ladies were collecting cacti fronds (can’t remember the name of the cactus!) to make baskets, and I strolled down to talk with them. They make this trip over to collect several times yearly, but fall was the best time to collect. Wish I could have seen them in the basket process but driving over their way would have taken us away from our last afternoon there. Interesting area, no?


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