A Gathering

Oops correction–where in the world did I come up with “Randy” as Seattle’s real name???  His real name is Jerry, not Randy!!  Maybe I better start writing blogs in the morning when my brain is fresh????

In my career as an operating room nurse I took my share of call–nights, weekends, holidays.  Patients don’t always require surgery from 8am to 5pm–thus someone has to cover all those other hours.  Most gunshot/knife wounds requiring surgery don’t happen in the daylight hours.  And believe me, most babies needing to enter this world via cesarean section are born in the middle of the night!

While working at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas I was on the liver transplant team.  Weeks and weeks would go by without a liver transplant being performed and then we would get slammed.  One particular week when I was on call I remember being in my apartment a total of sixteen hours in seven days!!!  That’s not a whole lot of sleep!

The Cowboy and I married in late 1994 and I became unemployed.  The hospital in Big Timber, MT does not have an operating room and the nearest hospital with an OR was in Livingston–a 55 minute drive in good weather.  I was finished taking call–wanted no part of it any more and the hospital in Livingston would not hire me if I wouldn’t take call.  So–I became unemployed and after about three months of that I was bored out of my mind.

So, I interviewed for a job on the heart team of one of the large hospitals in Billings–was offered the job and after much thought about icy winter roads, declined the offer.  But–one of the nurses interviewing me called about two months later.  Linda was not only an OR supervisor but also worked on a contract basis for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  The job involved travel and working as a support person for the sales force selling drapes and gowns to hospital operating rooms.  Linda submitted my resume, I flew to Atlanta for an interview and was hired.  There was a team of about ten RN’s and we all worked as contractors–paid well when we did work, not paid when we didn’t work.  I loved that job and the people with whom I worked and I loved the travel perks.  The Cowboy even went along on some of my more exciting assignments–Hawaii and Nova Scotia.

Wow–that was a long explanation for “A Gathering!”–did it put you to sleep???  Each year four of those nurses, myself and three others, meet somewhere and enjoy a few days of catching up.  Kelly lives in Kansas, Elaine in Kentucky and Shirley in Texas.  We are “gathering” in Tucson this year where I’ve rented a house–didn’t think the ladies would want to “camp” in our as of yet unfinished house!

The Cowboy, Emmi and Seattle will continue the restoration work while I’m off having fun.  Tonight when I walked Emmi the sky was beautiful–in all directions.

 Purple mountains!

 Flying saucer clouds!


6 thoughts on “A Gathering

  1. I enjoy reading back stories, they add so much context. You have mentioned your contract work before. Love the purple mountains and the saucer clouds. I can’t at the moment remember their actual name


  2. I always wondered how an RN got into your contract work and now I know!! So fun that the four of you travel to each other every year. I think it’s a great tradition. It’s nice to rent a spot where no one has to play “host” other than local attractions 🙂 Beautiful mountains and skies!!


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