Drywall Finishing Has Begun

Before 8am Seattle, aka Randy, sent us a message to see if we were ready for him–yep, that’s an understatement Seattle!  His real name is Randy but when he moved to this little community from Seattle, people started calling him Seattle and the nickname stuck.  He brought his equipment and went right to work–so far so good!

It goes against the Cowboy’s nature to hire help–he would rather invest the sweat equity.  When we built our log home in Montana–it’s 1700 square feet upstairs with a 1700 square foot unfinished basement–we built it in a year from start to finish.  At that time Nat was healthy enough to be a great help to us.  The Cowboy was working full time with our excavating business and I was still traveling as a nurse consultant for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  We paid someone else to do some of the cement work, the fireplace and to lay the metal roofing–that’s all–the rest of the house was built with our sweat equity.  Our log home is the Cowboy’s third house to build for himself.  So, for him to hire help is unusual–but his wife finally convinced him to at least check the price–and the price was good enough for him to concede defeat and let Seattle do the drywall finishing!

We both breathed a sigh of relief today–we’ve been going strong for a little over two weeks–long days, hard work so we would be ready for Seattle to start.  Now we are going to take our time and have a little fun along the way!

I have a fun trip coming up this week and did some baking today in preparation for those visitors.  The Cowboy puttered–hanging a few pieces of drywall, building Seattle some shorter coasters for his scaffolding and he even went to the grocery store with me this afternoon–see, we are slowing down all ready.

This afternoon late, I walked Emmi and came back to find the Cowboy in our swing watching the sky change as the sun went down.

And here is Emmi enjoying a patch of sunshine today–

12 thoughts on “Drywall Finishing Has Begun

  1. Looks like Seattle did a good job. I enjoy watching the restoration. That type of work is something I never learned when younger as I was lead to the accounting area. That is a valuable trade to have.


  2. The drywall looking good so far.
    Keep the pictures coming. When
    it’s all textured out, its such a
    nice change .
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor !


    1. It is looking good–Mike knows enough about drywall to do it himself so he was nervous about letting someone else finish it–he was pleased yesterday at the end of the day. The Cowboy thinks Seattle knows what he is doing!


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