The Home Stretch

We are entering the home stretch–the drywall finishing guy comes Monday and we had to have the floor raised before he could start.  We have one more section to complete after putting in two very hard days, Friday and Saturday.  Friday we started late due to our supply run to Willcox and it was a very warm day–the Cowboy was beat last night and it was early to bed for both of us.

This photo shows the reason for raising the floor–that’s a taller than it should be step–we didn’t want a step of any height and we surely didn’t want a step that high.

Friday progress.

Saturday morning section of floor finished and oh, no–that’s a big hole where the door used to be!!

Today we started earlier and it wasn’t so hot.  By lunch time we had completed a section of the floor and it was then time to hang the door we purchased the other day.  Hanging the door took a while but tonight it’s all finished and looks great!

Emmi and I manage to walk a couple times a day and the scenery never fails to impress!

One more section of floor and a small amount of drywall hanging–then we are ready for the finisher to come on Monday and we can take a deep breath!

14 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. You guys are amazing! I cannot imagine working as hard as you do. I just wonder what happens after you finish ? Sitting in your easy chair putting up your feet? I don’t think so 😜😉


    1. Well Vera–I would like to head back to my quilting studio–hopefully there will be room for my longarm in one of these houses in Arizona. The Cowboy will have his tools and garage–a place to putter.


  2. This is why you bought the place, so you could make it your own wonderful space – and you sure are getting it done!! Fun (from this side) to see it all coming together. Those beautiful views are a nice reward 🙂


    1. And although it seems as if we’ve been working forever, we sat down last night and calculated we have only been hard at work for about two weeks–that’s amazing considering how much we’ve accomplished!


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