Steady Progress

On Tuesday I headed for the Tucson airport leaving the Cowboy and Emmi holding down the fort.  I had a quick little job in San Diego–I am a nurse consultant for a company selling a line of health care products.  Once again I flew Southwest Airlines–always a pleasure!  Cheerful, fun flight attendants, planes loaded and unloaded quickly–so much nicer!

The Cowboy finished hanging most of the drywall but was short six sheets.  We’ll head out somewhere tomorrow to get drywall and a few other supplies we need.

While I was in San Diego Emmi and the Cowboy experienced 30mph winds and heavy rain while in the toyhauler trailer–they were not impressed!

Today we finished raising the floor in the small bedroom–the Cowboy did most of the work with me helping lift the heavier plywood this afternoon.  Here’s a before photo of that small bedroom–it was way worse than this photo shows–the ceiling drywall had fallen down due to leaks in the ceiling, there were spiders and other nasty varmint evidence everywhere–just gross!

The floor raising has begun!

And all finished about 4:30 this afternoon–new windows and new sub-flooring.

The pressure is on–the drywall finishing guy comes on Monday and we must finish raising the floor in the living/dining area–we should be able to do it.  It does involve taking out the front door and raising its header the same amount as we are raising the floor.

The weather has been frightful in Montana but that hasn’t kept anyone inside much–

Image may contain: 1 person, mountain, snow, sky, outdoor and natureLora looking cool!

This photo of Brooks was taken by Keelia Jo Photography from Livingston, MT–judging by the other spectacular photos I saw, she must have taken tons of great photos in Katie and Michael’s home.

And then there’s little Millie and her beautiful mom, Katie!

Image may contain: 2 peopleSweet, sweet photos and for that reason I am glad we have Facebook although Katie did send me some of the photos in a text–I even showed them to people standing next to me in line to board our flight–don’t you hate it when people do that to you?? 🙂




12 thoughts on “Steady Progress

  1. Nah… I love seeing other folks families… especially the little guys. I’ll listen for as long as it takes to hear how much the little critter weighs and what their first words are. Yeah… I’m a grandma (and great-grandma)… so maybe that makes a difference… missing my own and loving to see the love of others. Anyway… that house is lookin’ good! Makes me a bit jealous as the contractors are due here Monday to take off our roof and replace it. Major job… gonna take at least a month… can we survive in the bedroom and (very) limited facilities? Heck.. you can and have shown us your durability… so maybe we can too.


    1. The Cowboy said to tell you, “so I can change light bulbs without getting a ladder.” Shall I smack him one for you?? 🙂 🙂 The house was two levels, the living/dining area and the small bedroom were a tall step down from the kitchen/bathroom/master bedroom. As we are getting older, we didn’t want that step every time we walked from kitchen to living area. And we always consider re-sell factor–sunken living rooms were all the rage years ago, now, not so much.


  2. Love Love the photos of the grands and Katie is a beautiful lady! Are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? You really took on a project this time. Remember to have date night or do something fun now and then.


  3. You are definitely making good progress, and so smart to get the floors all one level. Interesting they would have bothered to have different levels in a small guesthouse. Moving that header doesn’t sound like fun! Beautiful pics of the family, and Lora is definitely very cool :-))))


  4. Hi, just found your blog a few days ago via ‘Patchwork Times’. I’ve read it from the beginning and am thoroughly enjoying your travel and renovation adventures.


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