Still Working

I’m practicing or rather trying to practice the pause–think before I open my mouth–sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not so much!

Saturday was “go to the dump” day which we did with an entire truck load but Sunday there is a new pile outside the front door.  I finished removing all that dang wall paper from the bedroom wall–it was a better quality wall paper than the stuff I removed from the kitchen walls and once wet just peeled off.  It still took me all day yesterday and most of Sunday afternoon.  The bedroom had a built in platform bed which had to be removed before I could get to all the wall paper.  Removing the bed allowed us to get rid of that nasty, stinky, dirty carpet–see, we have more stuff to go to the dump!

The Cowboy has been hanging drywall in the smaller bedroom.  Saturday he moved some wiring and created stud walls where there had been no walls.  We make daily progress and are very pleased!

Back home in Montana it’s been nasty–lots of snow and cold.  Someone in the family took this photo–

Image may contain: sky, snow, mountain, outdoor and nature

We went to church this morning, lots of new people we’ve not met, all the winter visitors are slowly drifting back.  We were singing a particular song and I was singing (quietly, I can’t carry a tune in a bucket) without looking at the hymnal–the Cowboy said, “guess you know that one.”  It’s one of the reasons I like this small church–they sing hymns I grew up singing and playing on the piano like that one–I Love To Tell The Story.

So, we are still working, other than that, there’s not much going on around here.


14 thoughts on “Still Working

  1. there always seems to be more trash than you think there will be when doing restorations. This winter seems to be in a hurry to get here. we are 10 degrees chillier than we should be for the last several weeks and the next several forcasted weeks. and snowier as well


    1. All those forecast gurus are predicting a miserable winter for the NW and a warmer than usual one for AZ–I wish it would be cooler/with rain this winter in AZ–they need it so much and maybe it would make those awful grasshoppers go away!


    1. This church sings several hymns every Sunday and they are usually hymns I grew up singing. The music is a big part of church for me. When home in Montana I will occasionally go to the Lutheran church–those folks sing hymns I’ve never heard!


  2. That snow picture is gorgeous and cold. I am glad to hear about going to church and singing. Sometimes I wonder if other people go to church at all, their blogdays all seem so filled with other stuff. So it’s great to hear you do – so do I.


    1. I grew up going to church Ruth, every time the doors were open. It’s hard to find a church, at least for me it is–I’ve never found one in Montana where I am comfortable. This little church in Sunsites pleases me in every way!


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