We Move

We moved on Wednesday–sort of!  We are getting ready to start the drywall process–tape, mud and sand–repeat.  There was too much “stuff” stored in both the bedrooms–lots of Cowboy treasures–electrical boxes, paint, caulk, wire–the list goes on!  So–we went over to the main house and chose two rooms with mostly OK ceilings and moved all those treasures from the guest house to the main house.  Some of the stuff headed to the garage.  The heavy metal shelves were also moved as well as the older refrigerator from the middle of the kitchen floor to the main house–thank goodness for backhoes!–those shelves and refrigerator were heavy!  Where was Larry when I needed him??? 🙂 Now we have room to move around as we finish all the drywall in this house.

We’ve slowly/unconsciously moved daily living things from the toyhauler trailer to the guest house and now that we have a working stove I’m doing all the cooking over here.  It makes messy restoration work harder–you have to clean the mess before you can cook; but it’s just so much more comfortable in the house than in that trailer.  We are also showering in the house–we are sleeping in the trailer but that’s about it!

Thursday we left Emmi home alone and headed to Tucson for building supplies and Costco.  It takes a long time to wander Home Depot looking for the things on a mile long list–because there is a shortage of sales people in those big box stores!  Costco was easier–most of those stores are laid out the same and we know where to find what we need.  Emmi was very glad to see us when we rolled in the driveway with a truckload!

Today we’ve decided our little Emmi is part cat–she has nine lives.  If you’ve read the blog for a while you may remember this statement from a September, 2016 Montana post:

Yesterday Emmi and I went outside to play ball—I was looking at all the golden aspen trees.  In a matter of seconds I saw out of the corner of my eye Emmi jump sideways and heard the rattlesnake.

Well, the same dang thing happened today–Emmi and I were out walking this afternoon just after the sun dropped behind the Dragoons.  I heard the rattlesnake and at the exact same time saw Emmi jump sideways.  That’s twice now Emmi has avoided being bitten–she has nine lives!  I HATE snakes!

18 thoughts on “We Move

  1. I don’t mind looking at snakes from a safe distance, nor did i mind when our children would catch garter snakes, but having them within stricking distance would not be a pleasant thjng at all. Have fun with the sheetrock.


    1. I don’t mind the gopher snakes or the red racers but anything that’s going to kill my little dog has to go! Jeanne–I don’t think fun and sheetrock should be in the same sentence!


  2. Tell those snakes to beat it, we are loaded and hoping to launch tomorrow sometime, and don’t want any of those creepy crawlers around when we land.


  3. Are you sure you want to live there?
    Is this going to be your actual main home?
    Have you had a snake in the house….
    Guess that would send me packing to leave.
    Be careful please!


    1. Rattlesnakes are a fact of life for me Linda–I grew up with rattlesnakes in Arkansas–saw our puppy bitten by one and he died during the night. We have rattlesnakes in Montana and in Arizona. If I EVER have one in the house, I may head for Hawaii–I hear they don’t have snakes! This may indeed become our main home–who knows??


    1. She is really fast but I’ve never known a dog to avoid a rattlesnake–and I’ve seen dogs bitten by rattlesnakes–and die. Emmi weighs 11 pounds and neither our vet nor we are sure she would survive a bite in spite of being rattlesnake vaccinated.


  4. I get tired just reading your blog. That’s way too much work for retirement:) I’m hoping we can make a drive down to see your new place while we are in Tucson. Poor Emmi!! So glad she is quick and gets away from the snake. Scientist have developed a rattlesnake toxin EpiPen for immediate treatment when bitten. It is meant to give you extra time to get to the hospital if bitten. You injected the serum right into the bite. It isn’t antivenom but a time saver. It is still being tested right now. I feel much better having something like this with us on the trail. I do worry about getting bit way out on a trail and having time to get to the hospital. I wonder if it would work on dogs!? Happy dry walling! I did the mud and sanding in our


    1. We’ve had that conversation before and we can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to come help us mud and sand???? :))))) We really don’t work that hard–we are tired at the end of the day as you probably are at the end of a long hike. I wish there was something we could give Emmi instantaneously if she should have to be bitten by a rattlesnake–it’s a long way to the vet!


  5. Whew! Close one for Emmi but it seems like she has a sixth sense since she jumps when she hears a rattler. I worked in the fields when I was young and had to always watch for them. Our farm was infested with rattlers, especially one quarter that housed a den. When my uncle homesteaded the quarter, he would run pigs through the property. The pigs are immune to the bites because of their layer of fat and the pigs would kill the snakes. Maybe you need a pig 🙂


    1. No, don’t think so Bev–no pigs. It’s amazing Emmi has avoided a rattlesnake not once but twice! We were taught as young children to watch for rattlesnakes and the even more dangerous water moccasins–they don’t tell you not to come any closer!


  6. Dry wall is always that “almost there” signal for most projects. Having the guest house ready to sleep in will be great! Good girl Emmi – she’s keeping an eye on her environment!!


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