Dragoon and Chiricahua Mountain ATV Riding

Last February when we moved to Pearce we moved without our CanAm–we sold it while still at North Ranch to make the logistics of moving a touch easier.  This summer we replaced our yellow CanAm with a less conspicuous silver one.  We haven’t ridden much since buying the new ATV but we made tracks the last two days with Larry and Geri.  Saturday we rode up into the Dragoon Mountains which sit to the west of us.  It was a glorious day–in the high 70’s with a chilly wind.  Our first stop was this old mine with it’s stonework walls.

We puttered along for several hours taking in the views, having our lunch at the top of the mountain and just enjoying being out with our good friends.  Back home late afternoon, we all showered away the dust then drove to Elfrida for dinner at the steakhouse–an experiment which probably won’t be repeated–we will just leave it at that!

Today our destination was Rucker Canyon–again, a beautiful day riding in the mountains.  

We’ve seen roads blocked with rocks in our ATV travels but this rock was a touch on the HUGE size–there was no moving this one–at least there was enough room for us to scoot by–but there wasn’t room for a pickup or jeep.

It’s a long trip on a dusty gravel road to the Chiricahua Mountains and it was late afternoon by the time we returned so the guys were cooking again–this time we tried the pizza at the local bar–TJ’s.  It wasn’t bad, not the greatest, but not bad and at least we didn’t have to cook!

We returned home to rescue Emmi and enjoy some ice cream–more adventures tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Dragoon and Chiricahua Mountain ATV Riding

  1. Oh..to go back to those days. Ride on, ride on. So happy you are able to have fun with Geri and Larry. Is Larry behaving himself? The photos are great.


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