Grasshoppers and Visitors

We have two sad looking pecan trees in front of our houses. Last spring with watering the trees looked as if they might live.  When we rolled in Monday I was shocked–the trees were indeed sad looking!  Seems these huge, nasty grasshopper critters dined on our tree leaves–the trees are now totally bare!  We’ve never seen grasshoppers this big–3 inches long and fat!  I hope they move on to greener pastures now that they’ve eaten all our leaves! UGH!

We’ve been hard at work–cleaning up, leveling the other RV spot–we had company coming!Yesterday afternoon this rig rolled into our Pearce place–we’ve seen that rig before–Larry and Geri have arrived and Emmi is so happy!–so are we! 🙂

We spent the afternoon visiting and enjoyed a so-so meal I prepared last night.  I tried a new recipe from the internet and it was not exactly terrible but not good enough to make again–it was deleted from my Dropbox recipes this morning!  On the other hand, the ice cream with toppings was delicious!

All of us were up and about early this morning ready to leave for Green Valley.  The ever searching Craigslist Cowboy had found a good, complete set of used kitchen appliances.  Once we found the place–the Google Maps lady couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t turn on the street where the guy lived–it was a locked exit gate!!–seems you have to go around the block to the front entrance but the Google lady kept “recalculating!”

Once at the home we found the appliances to be as advertised and loaded them into the truck–not without some effort on the parts of Larry and the Cowboy!  Home Depot for electrical breakers then Five Guys for lunch as they have an outdoor dining patio and we had Emmi.

Back home the stove was unloaded then we all retired to do our separate things–I’m writing a blog, the guys are solving the world’s problems and Geri is napping/reading/relaxing.  Tonight’s supper should be better–my famous spaghetti sauce with salad and garlic bread.

Life is good!

14 thoughts on “Grasshoppers and Visitors

  1. I hear roasted Grasshoppers taste like peanuts. Now with you needing a new recipe and having an abundance of winged ingredients right outside your door I would think your culinary prowess has itself a challenge:))


  2. I’m so far behind on reading blogs I had to go back and catch up. Welcome to AZ. Icky grasshoppers. They really are destructive.


  3. Should you have been living there at the arrival of the dreaded grasshoppers, would it have benefitted to spray the trees or have them sprayed?
    Truly scary looking!
    Any chance of some pictures of this
    home place…….?😊


    1. I don’t know Linda–Brian, the guy who drilled our well said the grasshoppers just show up some years–as they do in Montana. Photos of house are coming–we haven’t done much inside the house yet, just outside work trying to control the weeds!


    1. We are ready to start work on the house–the yard is in pretty good shape for now–we are currently playing with our friend Larry and Geri. All work and no play makes for dull people or something like that???


  4. If the hoppers would just eat the weeds they wouldn’t be so ugly looking!! How great to find those appliances, you’ll have a full kitchen before you know it 🙂 Gorgeous sunset.


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