We Are in Pearce

Monday morning we took our time getting ready to leave North Ranch and pulled out just a little after 8am.  Again we fought gusty winds, moron drivers and heat.  It seemed to take us forever to travel 277 miles.  Finally a little after 2pm we rolled into our driveway in Pearce.  Our little homestead was a touch on the weedy side and the house/garage were terribly spider infested–other than that, all was good.  I haven’t taken any photos so our readers will just have to enjoy grandchildren photos!

 Laci, Lora and Brooks–adorable photo!

Today we began tackling all the chores awaiting us–first up was to unload the bay of this toyhauler.  I knew one of the boxes contained my Cuisinart coffeemaker–I’m done with this perked coffee business–ick!  I then grabbed a rake and started trying to find our gravel which was hidden by all kinds of horrible weeds and seeds, making slight progress!

The Cowboy started working on our wiring issue–the only RV plug he installed last year was a 50amp for our motorhome.  This toyhauler is a 30amp rig and the Cowboy brought no adapters–last night we ran an extension cord from the house.  The wiring was all there, he just needed to install a plug–all done and the air conditioner works–a very good thing!

The washer/dryer works–multiple loads went through today.  I vacuumed all the spiders I could find inside the house and the Cowboy swept and smashed the ones in the garage with a broom.  Late this afternoon I was able to take a nice long shower in the house bathroom–awesome!

 Isn’t this just the greatest photo!  It’s a great place to grow up!

The backhoe spent the summer at our neighbor’s–Brian and Diane–who also drilled our well.  This afternoon late we retrieved the backhoe and visited with them for a while–seems this hot weather is unusual for October in Arizona and we are hoping it cools soon!

That’s our progress story for today!  A supply run is being planned!

11 thoughts on “We Are in Pearce

  1. Home sweet home!
    Hope for some pictures…..will you be living in the
    It will get better and nicer, don’t give up!


  2. Somebody(s) is capturing one great photo after another. Sounds like the Arizona traffic hasn’t changed much over the summer. Sounds like it was a great summer for spiders, I expect that our place will look like it is decorated for Halloween when we get there, should our rig ever get finished at the dealership. I usually avoid taking them in as they always seem to end up being held hostage but this time there were a couple of warranty issues to deal with. One we never had before, one of our solar panels was shattered at some point over the summer. Appeared to be a manufacturing defect or something, we didn’t have any hail to speak of.


    1. Good grief we had spiders and webs everywhere! Katie (Brooks and Millee’s mom) is an aspiring photographer–she has taken some great shots! Well, one good thing about having your departure delayed–maybe it will cool off, if it’s this hot in Pearce I bet it’s mighty hot in Maricopa!


    1. Yes our little kiddos are adorable–thanks Jodee! Those spiders better be finding a new place of residence–they aren’t the kind of spiders which scare me, they are just long legged gross spiders!


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