Lots Of Visiting

It was a warm one today but in spite of 80+ degree temps we decided to take an ATV ride.  The Cowboy and I have discussed purchasing a 4-wheeler type ATV for use on the ranch in Montana–it’s much easier to spray weeds from a 4-wheeler than from a side by side.  Larry and Geri have CanAm Outlander quads.  We had Honda quads and the Cowboy wanted to try one of Geri and Larry’s out for size and ride.  So, Geri, Larry and Emmi took our CanAm Commander; the Cowboy and I each rode one of their quads.  I’m out of practice riding my own machine but those machines are nice–easier riding, easy steering–very nice machines!

Saturday we had lunch at Nichols West and as usual had a fabulous meal.  After lunch we all took a trip to Wickenburg–auto parts store and grocery store.  It’s been a while since we had a Dairy Queen ice cream so we remedied that situation too!

Saturday evening Jim and Ellie joined us for happy hour–it was great to see them and spend some time talking/laughing!  Today I went down to visit with Mike and Pat–catching Jerry and Caryl as they had also stopped in to chat.  Late this afternoon the Cowboy and I went over to tell Jim and Ellie goodbye/see you later.  I think we caught up with all our friends who are currently in residence at North Ranch and Congress–we miss our friends, a lot–so catching up was a good thing!

Larry and Geri served up another great meal tonight–hamburgers on the grill, potatoes and a salad.  Ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce–I’m afraid we need to go or we won’t fit in the door of the camper if we keep eating like this!!!  We at least take a nice long walk after dinner every evening!

Monday we are departing for Pearce–next blog post will be from our winter spot!

10 thoughts on “Lots Of Visiting

  1. Good to hear your back in Arizona,
    I’m unclear, are you both driving vehicles or
    together in the pickup pulling the Toy Hauler?
    You will live in the Toy Hauler at Pearce until
    the guest house is finished?
    You are both hard workers, well matched! 😊


    1. Linda, we are both in the pickup pulling the toyhauler. We will live in the toyhauler for about a month while we finish the guest house–then we can live in the guest house while figuring out what to do with the main house. My hard worker gene is getting tired!


  2. I missed reading for a couple of days and now I find you have whisked yuorselves clear to Arizona. Glad you caught up with your friends and please say hello to Ellie and Jim. Looks like fun times are ahead in Pearce —Watch out for snakes!!


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