That Was Different

 This was the first long trip in the Roadmaster Predator toyhauler and it was certainly a different way of traveling for us!!!  It was cold when we left Montana Wednesday morning and we fought strong winds all day.  We stopped for the night 530 miles later in Jackpot, Nevada and it was dang cold plus extremely windy.  The Cactus Pete’s RV park is a great place to stop for the night and knowing it would be cold, we wanted hookups–full hookups, $20/night.

One thing we noticed right off the bat–when you are traveling in your motorhome, the heat is on and your “house” is warm when the day is done.  When traveling with a truck and trailer that trailer is dang cold when you stop!  It took a long time for the furnace to heat our “house” to a tolerable level!

We only spend one night in each spot we stop on our way to and from Arizona.  The Cowboy did not want to unload the CanAm each night and I agreed.  That CanAm just about fills this toyhauler leaving no place to sit.  The couches have to fold up along the walls and the CanAm goes in between those couches.  It also comes so far forward into the toyhauler, it’s difficult to reach the cabinets for supplies.  So–as you see in the above photo–I was trying to find us something to eat that first night, Emmi was under my feet and I stepped on her toe–“Dad” took her to the CanAm for consoling!

Finding a place to sit with our morning coffee was also an issue–the Cowboy sat on the stool we use to climb into the front bunk, I used the CanAm–not quite the same as our motorhome!

Thursday afternoon found us in Alamo, Nevada at the fairgrounds–full hookups for $13.  The local kids used the area surrounding the fairgrounds as a dirt bike track for a while until it became dark–then it was totally quiet.  Friday morning the Cowboy tricked me–he likes to get an early start.  When we went to bed I said, “I forgot to change the clock, it’s actually an hour earlier than the clock shows.”  Well–this morning my brain wasn’t working and I totally forgot about changing time zones.  I got up at what I thought was 6am, showered and made coffee–sitting in the CanAm I could see another clock which by that time said almost 8am.  OK–I better get moving, the Cowboy likes to be rolling by between 7 and 7:30 and we are late!  I go outside, grabbing Emmi and tell my driver I will meet him down by the road, Emmi and I will walk that far.  As I’m walking I glance at my watch which I had changed–it’s only a little after 7am!!!  I got up at 5am, not 6am and the Cowboy said, “I never looked at a clock this morning!”–yea right!!!

The Cowboy enjoying some warmth!

We rolled into North Ranch about 1pm and it was so good to see Geri and Larry!  We are parked in their yard for a few days–Geri had a wonderful supper for us tonight and afterwards we took a walk running into other folks we know in the park.

We are glad the wheels aren’t rolling for a few days and it will be good to catch up with all the happenings in Larry and Geri’s lives. Emmi is loving all the extra attention!

And a lesson in what not to do when you are parking for free in a busy business parking lot–this is at the truck stop/gas station in Alamo, Nevada–a very, very busy place.  Restaurant, grocery store, truck stop, etc.  The parking lot is small and the traffic heavy through the gas station.  Here sits this RV–awning is out, chairs are out–not sure I would have had the nerve to sit where they were sitting–traffic was whizzing right by their awning and I am thinking some of the truckers came a little too close on purpose–maybe to make point!!!!

It’s good to be in Arizona again!

13 thoughts on “That Was Different

  1. You are now in our former territory. I envy you! Jackpot always was one of our stops on the way to Arizona. Just for the night. One time I won 160.00 dollars at a casino. Loved that. Enjoy!


  2. Sure is different traveling without a MH. No bathroom, quick drinks, etc. Sounds like you worked things with a Cam Am living room:) Nice that you are spending some time in your old stomping ground with good friends. Enjoy your visit!


  3. We Love Alamo! There is a restaurant called The Windmill (or something like that) at the top of the hill along the highway. They have the best BBQ ribs we’ve tasted. We used to boondock on a piece of ground that used to house a truckstop. The truckstop was even operating when we first started traveling and then it was torn down. Are you regretting the sale of your m/h? That was a nice vehicle. Enjoy your safely!


    1. We are most definitely regretting the sale of our MH!! We didn’t eat in Alamo–had eaten a big breakfast in Wells, NV and just decided to snack our way through the evening meal! 🙂


  4. I never even thought about the temps in the trailer after a day’s (especially one of your days) driving. Love the pic of Michael and Emmi getting out of your way 🙂 Nice to be out of the cold, hope the heat moves out at the homestead soon.


  5. Yesireeeee you guys sure have a tight fit going on there in the hauler. It’s always a bit of a dilemma for some of we RV’ers to keep up with the changes we keep making. We do understand your thoughts…………..


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