A Gorgeous Day

The wind finally stopped howling Sunday evening and today has been a picture perfect fall day.  Monday we made a quick trip to Big Timber–seems a good friend needed another little horse wall hanging and I’m quite fond of this particular friend so we made it happen.  Pink fabric was required and for some strange reason, I had ONE piece of pink fabric in my stash.  Another dear friend, Jeane, offered the pink fabric from her stash so off to town we went.  The little wall hanging is finished and I will hand sew the binding as we are toodling down the road on our way to Arizona.

Monday evening we were out and about once again–driving over the mountain to Livingston to have dinner with Sarge and Sarah one last time before we depart.  Our meals were fantastic–I splurged and had the Rib and Chop famous beef filet–outstanding!

A reader recently asked about the pattern for the quilt Mom pieced several years ago–this one–and here is the pattern–

Extremely easy!

We again spent today getting ready to depart for warmer climates–soon I am thinking!Laci and LoraMaybe Brooks is starting to like his new little sister???


8 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day

  1. We just wanted to thank you for your advice and info about freezing credit. We just got back from our Florida trip and did the freezes today. It was much easier than we thought it would be. If we had known it would go that smooth we would have done it on the road. Hope you have a good winter in the southwest. We too will be headed to Arizona but not until January.


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