Grand Babies, Quilts And More Packing

Let’s start off with grand babies–Last night we enjoyed dinner at Lonn’s with the family.  Laci made the best cheesy potatoes, Michael (Katie’s) was in charge of shrimp and Lonn the delicious ribs.  I was in charge of holding Millee Bliss.  She is so tiny and has mixed up her days and nights–don’t all babies do that???

According to Laci this was a failed experiment–neither child was sitting still for long and Laci (the boss) said the high chair was going back into use today????  Lora and Brooks love each other and are getting along very well–this wasn’t the case when Lora first arrived from Germany and found this other kid in “her” Grandpa’s house!!

We said our goodbyes at the end of the evening and this Mimi was very sad.  Lora and Laci will be back in Germany by the time we return in the spring.  Brooks and Millee will have grown so much–both Mom’s have “post lots of photos” instructions!

Going from a forty foot motorhome to a 26 foot toy hauler travel trailer in terms of packing is very difficult!  I had 15 drawers in the motorhome and countless cabinets–a place for everything and everything in its place.  I now have two drawers and few cabinets.  We talked about renting a U-Haul truck but decided against it–we will just selectively purchase replacements for things we would have taken back to Arizona had we still owned the motorhome.

This spring when we came home to Montana from Arizona I think I had seven quilt tops of my own ready to go on the longarm.  Number six is a top my Mom pieced while visiting one summer, long, long ago.  And number seven is a top I’ve worked on for several years–it’s on the longarm and tonight I finished one of the blocks–I love it–but I’m thinking this quilt isn’t going to be finished before we leave–too much custom quilting.  Here’s the first finished block–

it feels good to have all those tops finished and several have gone to happy homes!

Nat and Barb came for lunch today–sad to tell them goodbye too!  As I type this blog it is snowing and a mite chilly!

10 thoughts on “Grand Babies, Quilts And More Packing

  1. I’ll gladly have my name placed on the back of #1 and the eventual completed #7. ☺️😉 …And please send cooler weather our way.


    1. My only niece Niki–surely you know by now your name is on many of the things I will leave behind. Love you dearly! And I wish I could send cooler weather your way–that’s way too hot for October!


  2. WE got a touch of snow here at DPN this morning as well. Not sure how soon we will be following you as our rig is in the shop getting a new solar panel, the old one shattered, and a couple of other warranty issues looked after, but once it is back we are not long for the northern ranges. Travel safe


  3. I can only imagine how hard it is to say good bye those adorable great grandbabies. So nice that you were still there for Millee’s arrival. That quilt square with the dog is absolutely gorgeous. The background detail in amazing. Snow sounds heavenly right now. It has been so hot and humid here for our visit in the east. It feels like July. And now we have warm summer rain. Have fun packing “lightly” for your trip south!


    1. My family in Arkansas is also experiencing non-fall like hot temps! Quilts like the little dog one are labor intensive but look so good when finished. We planned our departure around Millee’s arrival–we also planned our journey from North Ranch to Montana in time for her brother Brook’s arrival. But, he was born almost three weeks premature so we missed his entrance. I’m trying to convince the Cowboy we need to come to Montana for Christmas so I can see the babies again.


  4. WOW! The grandkids are beautiful. Yes, at some point all babies get days & nights mixed up. Love both quilts. What is the pattern name of the one your Mom sewed together? It’s very artistic in nature. The puppy quilt is FANTASTIC! Please let me know if you plan to adopt / sell it to an approved puppy loving home as My fur kids & I have the perfect antique metal bed to display it on 🙂 love seeing all the wonderful quilts you make.


    1. Kim–I attached to today’s blog post a photo of the pattern for the quilt Mom pieced long ago. Have no idea if the company is still in business. Unfortunately I’m thinking as much work as that dog quilt has been it’s going to hang on a wall in my house!


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