Lunch And A Road Trip

Who cut off the top of our mountain???  Tuesday was so dang windy and cold–absolutely miserable, I think our high temp was less than 40 degrees.

Tuesday the Cowboy and I went to Big Timber–I was having lunch with the ladies, Jeane and Jill, before we depart. We occupied prime real estate at the Grand for the better part of two hours catching up with all the news.  The Cowboy found lots of folks to talk to in various “guy” establishments–the auto parts store, the local restaurant–the Frosty Freez, etc. The Cowboy isn’t much of a talker so I think he was worn out by the time we got home! 🙂

Today we went to Missoula and back on a wild goose chase–that’s all I’m going to say–a wild goose chase.  A long, long drive for nothing–at least the scenery is beautiful between here and there!

It’s still a little warm in Arizona and it’s way too cold here–can’t decide whether to leave or stay??  We are both anxious to start working on our Arizona project so “leave” will probably win out!  Still have a couple things to do here then the wheels will start rolling!


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