A New Great Grand Child

Meet Miss Millee Bliss who was born Friday, September 30.  She was a week early but still weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces.  We love her to pieces all ready!  Sunday evening was spent at Lonn’s loving on all the grand babies–you will have to bear with me–lots of sweet photos–

 Blurry photo but happy Grandpa Lonn. Not sure Lora is so pleased with this new person in her life???

And I know Brooks hasn’t a clue what’s happening in his world!  He’s a busy little boy!

Nat and Barb came for lunch yesterday–we had a very enjoyable visit.  Today the Cowboy and I went to Big Timber–I had an old iPhone 5c which I had tried on various occasions to sell.  A couple days ago in our local Facebook garage sale site I noticed someone in search of an iPhone.  That person managed to make their iPhone work but someone else wanted mine–we were delivering it today.  And only in small towns–we met them at a local restaurant to exchange phone for money and they asked if we minded their joining us for lunch.  Well–what do you say but “of course.”  It turned out to be a very nice chance meeting–she is a radiology technologist and he works for one of the refineries in Billings.  They have a son going to college in Powell, WY who dropped his phone, destroying it.  The only way he could communicate with his mom was via email and mom wasn’t happy with that method of communication–thus the “new” phone for him!

Dang it’s cold in Montana–in the 20’s tonight with snow flurries–our preparations for departure are taking on speed!

We are both enthralled with our fall colors–everywhere you look is stunning color!

14 thoughts on “A New Great Grand Child

  1. Congratulations! Makes me homesick for my own grandkids and greatgrandkids. You are so fortunate to be so close that you have such close contact. Wonderful photos! Wonderful family!


    1. I don’t change phones very often Nancy–and I refuse to pay the price for a new one. I bought the iPhone 6 I currently have from an eBay vendor and I am very pleased with it. The old iPhone 5c was just sitting on a shelf gathering dust, it isn’t a highly sought iPhone version due to its limited storage so isn’t worth very much–it fit the bill for this woman looking for a phone for her son.


  2. So glad we’ll be seeing our grandbabies at the end of the month – love your sweet pics! We had snow flurries all morning and the temps barely got over 40 all day. Your deep orange/reds are gorgeous.


  3. What a Beautiful Baby Girl! All of those photos are precious! Thank you for the beautiful fall colors! They are just gorgeous. Safe travels!


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