A Short Indian Summer

Judging from the upcoming weather forecast our good weather days are going to be a thing of the past.  Thursday and Friday were absolutely beautiful.  Today I worked in the yard for most of the day cleaning out the flower beds and it was warm enough to work without a jacket.  Clouds are rolling in tonight and the temps are dropping.  Makes us think Arizona is calling???

Friday afternoon we took a drive over the mountain to Lonn’s–the scenery was breathtaking even more so than usual.

The Cowboy has a stock pile of gravel–he spent the morning spreading gravel on some of our more muddy spots in the driveway.  He had to play musical spots with all the trailers–he uses our John Deere skidsteer to move the trailers–much easier in tight places than with the pickup.

On the way to Lonn’s yesterday I spotted this guy inside a corral fence beside the road–

I’m getting out of here!The end!

I’m not very wordy tonight–will just let the photos tell the story. 🙂

8 thoughts on “A Short Indian Summer

  1. You live in a beautiful area. Great pictures. October is when we used to make the trek to Arizona too. I guess it’s back to work there. Have fun and I shall love to follow your progress.


  2. The landscape photos are beautiful, color, depth and peacefulness. We are enjoying Az warm during the day, but cool in the evening, whie listening to coyotes!


  3. I love the golden grasses, especially with those lovely mountains as their backdrop. Still hot in southeast Arizona, hopefully they start to cool off soon. That bear is sure giving you “the look”, maybe you interrupted a planned lunch snag :-))))


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