This And That

It was another perfect fall day, the crows are gathering, leaf color is popping and the temps were perfect.  We made a run to Billings for lunch and Costco–the pantry was a little bare after our Arkansas company departed and I was gone for a few days.

Isn’t that the most gorgeous view–coming into Bozeman yesterday in a strange plane–as in it was half empty–very unusual!

Last spring before we moved from North Ranch I purchased a DSLR camera from our friend Mike McFall–a very nice, little used Nikon D5000.  I love to take photos, always have–I am seldom without a camera of some sort on my person when out and about.  As I was struggling to learn about aperture, shutter speed, etc., I became very frustrated and I realized the DSLR was destroying my pleasure in photography.  For months I forged on, reading, taking photos, deleting photos, muttering–very frustrating.  Right after the eclipse–when I really struggled with that blasted camera–I gave up.  The Cowboy was totally supportive and once I made the decision to rid myself of the camera a weight lifted off my shoulders!  One email later and that camera was heading to a new home–Al of the Bayfield Bunch was happy to have the Nikon.  Kelly was traveling to Spencerport, NY to visit her mom so the camera was mailed to her.

I have one last quilt top of my own to quilt on the longarm and I hope to have it finished before we head south for the winter.  I’ve been hand sewing the bindings–my fingers are sore!  Here are some of my finished pieces–

 This one went home with my sister, she has a new dining table and thought it would look great as a topper–it did!This one is flannel and when Nat’s caretaker/roommate Barb admired it, I decided this quilt would go to Barb as a gift for all she does for Nat.  We took it to her this morning on our way to Billings and she was thrilled.

That’s about all the this and that–we are loving this Montana fall weather but are starting to plan our trip south.

Still no new great grandchild but here are some cool photos of the family.Image may contain: one or more people, tree, child, hat, outdoor and natureLooking for elk with Grandpa Lonn.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, mountain, sky, cloud, outdoor and natureI LOVE this photo–it brought tears to my eyes it is so beautiful!

And here’s the big brother in waiting–


18 thoughts on “This And That

  1. Well these pics are great, the best camera in the world is the one you have in your hand. And I know Al was tickled pink to get his new rig. I to love that shot of Laci and Lora, the only way I would like it more was if I had taken it. The leaves have turned here at DPN and we are expecting some snow and rain in the near future so the trees will be bare after that.


  2. I really enjoy your photos of mountains, and the ways you all explore them. Especially with the coming fall colors and snow! Good Luck with your trip south!


  3. I’m getting excited to see what’s next for the little home under the Dragoons – especially since I’m not the one doing it! That table runner is especially beautiful, perfect timing to have on a Fall table. Darling pics of the family – so cute to see Lora glassing with her grandpa :-))))


  4. That is a fantastic picture of the girls. And the mountains are beautiful with the snow on top of them. But I’ve had enough snow for this winter. Jim has a DSLR camera and has never figured it out. I didn’t even try. My point and shoot works for me.


  5. It took me a few clicks here and there plus asking a few questions about the D5000 on the internet but by golly I managed to snap myself a few dat gum photos alright. Having my other Nikon DSLR’s was a big help too. I think your doing just fine with your other Nikon so keep up the good work and enjoy the hobby:))


  6. Beautiful quilt and table cover. Such nice work on some intricate pieces!! I had to say “WOW” when I saw the pictures of them. And the rest of the photos are great!! Montana, a wonderful state with many memories for me. Thank you.
    Don in Okla.


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