Elk and Grand Babies

Monday morning we puttered–Danny and Ann took a drive up the East Boulder and when they came back we enjoyed the leftover chicken enchiladas.  After lunch we headed north of Lewistown to the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and the Slippery Anne elk viewing area.  We were a touch too early in the evening for elk viewing and stopped in at the James Kipp BLM campground for a little picnic dinner.

The elk didn’t disappoint–if you call the refuge “elk hotline” you will hear a recorded voice telling you how many elk have been sighted in the viewing area–when I called the “elk hotline” just before leaving home I heard, “200 elk in the viewing area.”  We didn’t count but let’s just say there were a bunch of elk–bulls bugling and grunting, cows milling around–awesome!

When it begin to get so dark we couldn’t see the elk we ventured off to find our cabins at Zortman dodging what seemed to be thousands of deer eating by the road–nerve racking.  But even more nerve racking–our “thoroughly modernized built in 1930’s cabins.”

If the drive to Zortman had not been so nerve wracking while dodging all those deer in Danny and Ann’s nice rental SUV we would have all said “no thank you” and gone back to Lewistown (70 miles) or all the way home!  Those cabins were awful, disgusting, gross, dirty–I took our beds completely apart searching for bed bugs and we both declined to shower in that icky tub!  Sleep eluded me that night!  We declined to complain–any comments we might have made about the condition of those cabins would go right over the head of anyone who actually thought the cabins were “thoroughly modernized”!!!!!!!

We left our wonderful accommodations early Tuesday morning stopping for breakfast in Lewistown.  Back home Ann and I prepared dinner to take over to Lonn’s.  Laci and Lora are here for an extended visit and I wanted to introduce Danny and Ann to our great grand babies.  Plus Katie and her husband Mike had celebrated birthdays this past week–so chocolate birthday cake was on the menu!

 Ann and Lora enjoying a tea party.

Our weather has been rainy/snowy and chilly–fall is definitely in the air!  Danny and Ann left early this morning for another scenic drive toward Red Lodge.  The Cowboy went to help Lonn and Mike vaccinate some calves and I stayed home to catch up on chores.

Life if good!

12 thoughts on “Elk and Grand Babies

  1. The elk are so beautiful and powerful – what a treat to see so many!! I hope there’s somewhere like Yelp or TripAdvisor you can leave a review of that horrible “cabin” – what a shame to get stuck with it. Those kiddos are just precious. And getting big!!


  2. The elk are why we love staying at Mammoth Campground in Yellowstone in the fall.

    I would leave a review about the cabins if for no other reason than to give someone else the head’s up. Downright scary place!


  3. Motels like that are where memories are made though, I have stayed in a million decent rooms, can’t remember a one, but the few like that are seared into my brain. The bullet holes in the wall, the tub where the shower diverter only sends the ice cold water to the shower while the scalding hot water burns your feet. Ahhh the memories, cool elk, and grandkidlets shots as well.


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