Arkansas Visitors

We are so grateful for clear skies and cool temperatures! It began raining Wednesday night and rained/snowed off and on until Saturday morning–over two inches in the rain gauge!  As the skies began to clear we could see the snow came close to landing at our house!While on Vancouver Island this summer our friend and neighbor Shirley had a significant birthday–one of those with a zero.  Shirley’s daughter Jeanne and our friend Nancy planned a belated birthday celebration for mid September expecting our usual gorgeous Indian summer weather.  Mother Nature did not cooperate but not a word of complaint about rain/snow/cold temps was heard at that party–after our summer of heat, fires and smoke.  Members of the family rounded up a large tent to protect us from the elements–the food was great and the company wonderful.

Friday we spent the day in Billings–Emmi stays home with Nat during summer heat but temps were so cool on Friday she went along for the ride.  Saturday morning was spent putting the finishing touches on visitor preparations–baking cookies and a batch of chicken enchiladas, last minute cleaning, etc.  My sister Ann and her husband Danny arrived about 5:30pm.

On their drive from the airport over the back road they spotted this sow and three cubs–Danny said the cubs moved into the under brush too quickly and missed being in the photo.

The sun came out on Sunday giving us a gorgeous day and snow sprinkled mountains–Danny took this first photo, I just forgot to remove my watermark.

Danny and Ann drove up the Boulder looking for wildlife while the Cowboy and I stayed home to putter.  They were back by about 2pm and we sat down to a wonderful steak late lunch/early dinner.  We’ve taken walks, toured our former home and just visited.  They will be with us until Thursday evening.  Other visitors are arriving today at Lonn’s–our granddaughter Laci and great granddaughter Lora are coming from Germany for a long visit!

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupOn the airplane–heading to Montana!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, childIn Montana–I think Brooks was glad to see his cousin!


6 thoughts on “Arkansas Visitors

  1. How wonderful to have the improved air for your visitors! Love seeing the dusting of snow on the surrounding mountains. What a treat to have the girls for a long visit. Oh Brooks – what a happy boy!!


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