More Restoration And A Recipe

The Cowboy has been working diligently!  And more diligently!  He has two theories as to where the water entered the storage bay–one is a roof seam, the other the bay door.  We feel certain it must be a structural issue as the previous owners stated they had not used the rig in two years, we only used it the one time and the damage was done by the time we used it–we just didn’t know how bad the damage was!  The Cowboy spent a lot of time inside that bay yesterday!  Today he moved the trailer closer to the garage with the skidsteer and welded floor supports to the existing frame work underneath the trailer.  That was a HOT, miserable job!!

I was able to attend yoga this morning–I wish I had a yoga teacher for every day–I feel so good after all that stretching!  Lunch was a new to us recipe.  The Cowboy and I don’t particularly like Chinese restaurants but we both like certain Chinese or Thai food.  I follow a Facebook site which leads to a website–Pressure Cooking Today.  A recipe for Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli appeared recently and I had everything on hand to make this dish except the broccoli.  And any one who knows the Cowboy would know that wouldn’t be an issue–he isn’t eating any broccoli! I used a sirloin steak instead of the beef chuck roast as that’s what I had.  I used chicken broth instead of beef–again it’s what I had and I had just opened a container of it yesterday.  The recipe calls for 1/8 teaspoon of red pepper flakes and I upped it to 1/4 teaspoon–just right.  I served the beef over rice and it was a hit!

I’m not a fan of recipes which require special ingredients or spices–I have a well stocked pantry and like to use what I have on hand.  I seldom buy a special spice/oil/vinegar, etc.–if we don’t like the dish then I’m stuck with an ingredient which won’t be used.

The weather forecast tells us this is our last hot day and rain/snow is coming–that’s OK by us!  There is a new fire north of Big Timber in the Crazy Mountains–come on rain and snow!

I loaded my LAST quilt top onto the longarm this afternoon–I had a stack of quilt tops I’d pieced over the last few years and made it my goal to quilt those tops this summer–the last one is on the frame!  I’ve been hand sewing the binding on the all ready quilted ones–that’s a lot of hand sewing!

11 thoughts on “More Restoration And A Recipe

  1. Same here, 80’s last week and frost this week. Nope, no climate change here.
    Good luck with finding your leak but I think you have the right man on the job,


  2. I suppose things can happen with pre-owned vehicles and other stuff. Hope he finds the reason soon. He does not look too comfortable in the hole 😉😳.
    Pretty soon it will be time to carry on with the “big” restoration in Arizona.


  3. I read about the new fire. Darn those wildfires. I hope you get lots of rain to help put them out. Some snow on the mountain tops will be beautiful. We have a break in the heat, as well! Love it!

    Glad you got all your quilting accomplished this summer!


    1. Our weather forecast is for a week to ten days of rain/snow–let’s hope it does it all over the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana! It feels so good to have that stack of tops all quilted!


  4. Last day for our heat (93+) today as well!!! I’ll be glad for the rain & so much cooler temps as it will be easier to breath. You talk about quilt tops getting quilted & sewing on binding, so LET’ S SEE THEM 🙂


  5. Great to get your quilting goal completed!! Can’t wait to see them. Sad to hear there’s another fire – but wonderful that rain and snow are on their way :-))) We’re looking at the same forecast as we move south in Utah. Sure loving these cold nights!


  6. I’m with you on a yoga class for every day! My employer offers a yoga class on site twice a week. What a treat for middle of the day!! I feel so good the rest of the day. Just not the same feeling when I attempt yoga at home.
    Good to hear you are to get some cool, wet weather!
    ~ Linda K.


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