Unexpected Restoration

Saturday morning dawned with mostly clear skies, no smoke, only a little haze.  Today has been the same–I can’t describe to you what a relief it is.  Our weather forecast for this coming week is shaping up to be a normal mid-September forecast–rain and possibly snow in the higher elevations.  Just take a look at those end of the week temps!!

Look–we have mountains again!!!

The Cowboy finished the flooring project in the toyhauler–I haven’t cleaned yet–so no photos, soon!  He decided to tackle another issue which we knew about–a soft spot in the flooring of the front bay.  The young man who sold us the trailer pointed out this soft spot–he had simply laid a sheet of diamond plate metal over the soft spot.  But when the Cowboy removed the linoleum, he found a much, much bigger problem!

Wet, moldy OSB, soaking wet OSB!!!  As in water had been standing in that bay compartment forever!

That’s a PUDDLE folks–a dang puddle in the below photo!!!

The Cowboy spent several hours trying to track down the source of a leak without success.  No leaking pipes or drains that he could find.  No roof leaks which would have allowed water to run down the seams into the bay. The door of this bay is very ill fitting and the Cowboy thinks maybe rain might have been coming in that door for a long time–that’s a waterproof sheeting under the OSB so the water had no where to go.  We are still not sure but I’m betting the Cowboy finds and fixes it, how about you guys???

Nat and Barb came for lunch–steaks, mashed potatoes and home grown green beans–delicious!  For dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream with toppings.  We have an elderly neighbor just down the road with an excellent green thumb.  Beth called me on Saturday saying she had a couple bags of orphan vegetables needing a home–I was glad to give them a home!  Cucumbers, squash, peppers, green beans and green tomatoes–Beth said, “since you are from the south I figured you would know how to cook fried green tomatoes.”  And I did–it’s what I had for supper Saturday night–and I didn’t have to share–the Cowboy wanted no part of fried green tomatoes! 🙂

If I sit here I am sure someone will come along and kick that ball–I just know it!

10 thoughts on “Unexpected Restoration

  1. That’s a bet that isn’t even worth thinking about cause we all know the Cowboy will win that battle. But what a mess. I can’t believe we’re going to break a record tomorrow with 93 degrees and by Friday it’s going to be 57. I want 70’s. But the clearer skies are wonderful. Feel like we can breathe again.


    1. What a mess is right–UGH! The trailer was in storage for two years, those kids who owned it probably never checked on it–what a mess! The Cowboy was having a very hard time with the smoke, we were thinking a trip out of Montana was going to happen–so glad our skies cleared!


  2. Sorry to see that puddle of water. Michael got himself a bigger project than he planned! Glad he is so talented:) Yes, I am sure someone will come out to play ball that cute little girl:)


  3. The very best news is your smoke clearing out. Believe me, I know just how wonderful it is to see clear, blue skies! Wonderful to see that rain in the forecast as well. That water mess is horrible, good thing he found it before the whole floor fell through. And I would never bet against the Cowboy!! How can anyone resist that Emmi face??


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