Visitors And A Ride

Almost seventeen month old little boys move way too fast for this Mimi to capture with the camera–Brooks brought his parents and Grandpa to dinner last night and he was the star attraction.  Mom Katie is about a month from producing Brooks a brother or sister–not sure how little Brooks is going to feel about that but the rest of us are excitedly waiting!

We still have smoke and Montana is still on fire but we decided to take a road trip/ATV ride today on Picket Pin Road into Placer Basin.  It was 39 degrees at our house this morning and at this elevation–

we were all wearing coats all day, even Emmi!

For some reason the small area of Montana where we were riding was mostly smoke free–but our views were smokey!

Perfect weather and perfect company–it was a great day!

 Katie had to work today 😦 and Brooks needed to see his friends at daycare!

Mike, Katie’s husband must have felt the need for exercise after lunch!

Our mountain goat–Ms. Emmi.

We enjoyed lunch in the yard of a friend’s cabin, rode to the top of the mountain then headed back to the trucks and home–it was a long, but great day to be out, even if it was smokey!



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