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Instead of the usual blog–complaining about the smoke and fires, our readers will have a treat tonight.

Earlier today the phone rang, it was the Cowboy’s cousin Pat calling–he was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by.  He brought photos of his recent summer trip to visit with his daughter Julia who is an archaeologist in Mongolia of all places!

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Pat and Julia in Yellowstone Park













Pat traveled to Mongolia this summer to go with Julia and her group of teachers and students from all around the world on an archaeological field school expedition.  Julia, who has a Ph.D. in archaeology is the cultural heritage coordinator for the American Center of Mongolian Studies in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Pat said they were truly out in the middle of nowhere, 50 miles from the Siberian border.  His photos were awesome– This blue tarped truck carried all their supplies–yurts, etc.  Pat said the truck quit running in the middle of the river, one of the guides crawled out on the fender, raised the hood, fiddled with something and the truck ran again.

The valley where they were staying

Pat is quite the furniture builder, his tools were a touch rustic for furniture building!  But in spite of rustic tools Pat built some serviceable furniture.

He built this bench outside one of the yurts they used for housing.

He also built this bench and stool–out in the middle of nowhere but with a generator and modern day technology.

And Dr. Julia in traditional Mongolian dress.

Julia was just a youngster the last time I saw her–she’s come/gone a long ways since then.  It’s always great to see Pat–he too leads an interesting life!

4 thoughts on “From Around The World

    1. It’s hard to imagine that little girl off in Mongolia leading an archaeological expedition! I remember her grandmother was so proud of her when she left for college–now look at her!!!


  1. What an interesting post!! Thank you so much! I love that green picture of the river. I’ll bet several people were grateful for the furniture your friend Pat built.


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