Ninety two degrees at 6pm.  There are about 40 active fires burning roughly 600,000 acres in Montana right now with no end in sight–no rain, none in the next ten day forecast.  Our friend Eileen Ewan took the next photo–during our forest fire scare last Saturday.  That fire is now considered contained.

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With a list a mile long I spent the day on the phone and completing paperwork.  Just little chores which pile up and all of a sudden need doing.  I also had something exciting to do–I cleaned my sock drawer and under the bathroom counter–now isn’t that exciting!! 🙂 But it gave me a great sense of accomplishment–doesn’t take much to please this retired girl! 🙂  I’ve finished longarming two small quilt tops and have another one on the frame ready to go. The Cowboy worked on our current restoration project getting some of the flooring laid–it’s gonna look great!

YIKES–is that fall color we are seeing–if so, bring it on–of course I don’t have to spend the winter here!

Lately just as the sun is setting we’ve taken a drive up into our hay fields to look for critters–we’ve seen a few elk in our neighbor’s hay field but no chokecherry eating bears.  Sunset was gorgeous the other night–smoke will do that!

This might be the best moon shot I’ve ever taken and I didn’t take it with the D5000–nope–took this one with an auto “moon” setting on my Nikon P600.

May the rain stop falling in Texas.


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  1. So sad that there are so many fires there with no rain in sight and it just won’t stop raining in S. TX and the Gulf Coast. Seems like It’s one disaster after another these days.
    Those are such amazing pics! The moon pic looks like you were there!!
    Take care. Don’t work too hard and be safe.


  2. I feel your pain with the heat and fires! I am so tired of smelling smoke and it’s only been a few days. We are looking at 103 on Sat and 101 Sunday. Thank goodness the dew point is very low so the highest temp only last a couple hours late in the afternoon. The new trailer floor looks great!


    1. Whew–we aren’t looking at temps that high, just in the 90’s. I went back and looked at my journal this morning–in 2006 when we had two huge fires near us and had been evacuated twice (our horses were well traveled that year!)it didn’t rain/snow until September 21 that year–it’s looking like that may be the case this year too!


  3. If only we could move some of that rain to the northwest to put out all these fires and lay down the smoke. I’m sure the folks in Texas are more than willing to send it elsewhere 😦 Beautiful sunsets are the silver lining for sure.


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