Some Actual Restoration Happening

We purchased the Roadmaster toyhauler knowing it had some issues but paid a fair price and the Cowboy knew he could fix those issues.  Look over the trash can at the set of doors underneath the bed–those doors open into a huge storage bay at the front of the trailer.  The previous owners mounted a winch on the very front wall of the trailer running the cable through those doors to the back of the toyhauler.  They had a two seat jet ski on a trailer–he would hook the winch to the front of the jet ski trailer and drag it into the toyhauler.  The linoleum was not glued down. That jet ski and trailer were super heavy causing the linoleum to buckle and tear.

The previous owners used a well known repair too–good ole duct tape! 🙂We knew it wasn’t just a linoleum problem–there were depressions/soft spots in the sub floor.  Once the linoleum was removed you could see the bigger problem–

 First, the manufacturer used OSB instead of plywood.  You can see in the photo below how deep the depressions were.When we brought the trailer home and cleaning commenced, I found lots of mice evidence.  And I wonder why–That’s the GROUND you can see through that hole around the pipes which lead to the onboard fueling station.  This pipe and hole were covered with a aluminum diamond plate cover–that’s it, no insulation.  Did the hole have to be that big???  Also in the “hole” photo notice how far from the wall the OSB board starts–it was worse in some places!  So, the Cowboy has removed the linoleum in the back of the toyhauler and will replace the section of sub flooring which has the damage.  We’ve purchased the new flooring–the Cowboy is happy (I think)–he has a project!

And while we are talking about restoration–my Keurig quit–after probably brewing less than two dozen cups of coffee.  I previously wrote about buying a refillable pod–the Keurig stopped working about the time I bought the pod.  The Keurig was garbage so we had nothing to lose–and after the Cowboy took the thing completely apart–it now works again–am I lucky or what!!!

The fire near us wasn’t active on Sunday or Sunday night–we haven’t had much wind which has helped.  It is 5% contained, fire lines have been constructed and there are lots of resources working hard to control the fire.  This afternoon the wind picked up and the smoke rolled in, heavy.  As I write this blog, the smoke is gone again–wind must have changed.  Lonn took this awesome video on Saturday just as the fire was getting started–

The princess!


16 thoughts on “Some Actual Restoration Happening

  1. I think I love your posts so much because they are so “down to earth”. Heck, if the flooring has been “compromised” because of someone’s inadequacies you just say it. And the best thing is… you folks look at it, assess it… then deal with it. Your Cowboy and my guy must think a lot alike. Hope all the restorations work out like you want… but I’m sure they will. But… what a project!


  2. You are lucky with your handiman. I know how you feel because I have one too.
    He does not throw anything out and more often than not, parts of the old stuff is used to fix stuff either for us or friends. Sure good to have those guys around.


  3. So sorry to hear about the problems with the toy hauler. Charlie and his wife had one they hauled their motorcycles in. They let one of their Sons live in it for a while and he did not let Charlie know that the shower was leaking destroying part of the flooring. They said the same thing about the flooring material. Charlie & his other Son replaced the flooring and he gave the toy hauler to him. He and his wife bought a used RV and went to Alaska this Summer.
    That video was amazing and I know you are all so thankful for those fighting the fires. I pray they are contained soon.
    Funny story about your Keurig and appears to me that the Cowboy can fix anything. I’m beginning to think that you are very talented yourself.
    Take care.


    1. It would have been worse if we had bought the trailer and not known about the floors–the man who sold it to us was at least honest and we bought it right. The Cowboy and I make a good team.


  4. Having a handy man is so wonderful! John is very good at making things work again, as well. Looks like a huge project with the new toyhauler. Can’t wait to see the finished project! We have so much smoke here in Bend. We had ash on our things outside last night. Today wasn’t bad until around 5:30 when the smoke just rolled in. It smelled so strong and burned my eyes. It was like everyone had a campfire going. Then, about 7:00 it lightened up. The strange part is that we had no wind at all. Not sure why the smoke rolled in and then left. Hope your fire stays contained. Between the heat here in Bend and the smoke, I’m not sure we will do much hiking. Love the Princess and her lady pose:)


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