Smokey, Smokey

We’ve had a touch of rain over the last couple days and Friday was mostly smoke free.  We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Joe and Tammy’s Friday night–it was a beautiful evening to sit on their new deck and watch the sunset.

Today there was a garage sale in town we wanted to attend held by a quilting friend of mine–there were some “organizing” items which would have worked in the truck camper but I was too late–oh, well–I did pick up an extra yoga mat and the Cowboy found a bucket of plumbing parts.  We went out to breakfast then decided on the spur of the moment to head to Billings to purchase new flooring for the toyhauler.  Emmi stayed with Nat while we were gone.

As we were visiting with Nat after we returned from Billings, I received a notification on my phone–seems there was a fire up the Boulder–

The fire is located on the West Boulder/Mendenhall Creek area (which has been evacuated) and is about four miles from us as the crow flies.  The fire is approximately 500-700 acres and 0% contained.  The smoke rolled into our valley as we watched–the smoke was so heavy my clothes smelled of smoke when we came in the house.  The Cowboy caught these photos of one of the air tankers helping to fight the fire–

We will see what Sunday brings–

Taken from our hay field at about 4pm this afternoon–the smoke got much, much worse after this photos was taken.



18 thoughts on “Smokey, Smokey

  1. That is really close! I sure hope it doesn’t move any closer and they start to gain some control. Stay safe:) We arrived in Bend today and boy was I surprised at how bad the smoke was. You would never know there were any mountains near by. The view was completely covered by smoke.


  2. This has been a year of smoke, all right. Makes me wonder if we ALL should have go-bags ready even if the fire isn’t close. Fingers crossed for getting that fire out quickly.


    1. The wind died at dusk last night so maybe they will get a handle on the fire today. I’ve got my list ready of things to pack and take with me–we’ve done this before and we are both very like minded about what is important and what isn’t!


    1. It has been a nasty weather summer at least for us and now for Texas. July was so miserably hot and August has been smoke filled. So glad to see you back out and about in blog land!


  3. Has it been extremely dry there or is it dead trees feeding the fires?? And what is starting them? Terrible situation. Wish a little of the rain drowning Texas could come up north. Take care.
    Don in Okla.


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