Mattress Saga

I know you were all waiting with baited breath to read about the mattress–well here goes.

We have purchased two memory foam mattresses lately from Amazon–one for the toyhauler and one for the truck camper.  We LOVE the one in the toyhauler–I slept better on that mattress than on any other mattress, EVER.  No aches and pains during the night plus I didn’t feel “old” when I got up each morning.  We LOVE that mattress.

So, we purchase a truck camper which of course has its original crummy RV mattress.  But, I can’t just order the exact same one I purchased for the toyhauler–did I mention I LOVE that mattress.  The head room in the bed area of a truck camper is limited.  There are also cabinets with opening doors along one side of the mattress.  So–depth is important.  The mattress cannot be thicker than eight inches, the one in the toyhauler is ten inches.

The toyhauler mattress was available in an eight inch–problem solved, or so I thought until we slept on the dang thing!  At home and back on Amazon I realized my mistake–notice the different word in the descriptions???

Toyhauler–Zinus Memory Foam 10 Inch / Supreme / Ultra Plush / Cloud-like Mattress, Queen–

Truck Camper–Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch / Deluxe / Ultra Plush / Cloud-like Mattress, Queen–

You click on the “10 inch” and you get the first description, click on the “8 inch” and you get the second description. At the Zinus mattress company there is a whole heck of a lot of difference in “supreme” versus “deluxe!”  When asked why I was returning the mattress, I wrote, “this mattress is anything BUT “cloud-like!!”

Amazon is great about returns but returning a memory foam mattress would be beyond most people–the mattresses are delivered in large boxes, weighing about 60-70 pounds.  They are vacuum sealed in a plastic bag and the mattresses expand when that bag is released.  Now you are dealing with a queen size, 60 pound piece of memory foam.  Returning one of these would defeat most people–but remember, I have the Cowboy!  I will let the photos tell you the story–

Once the Cowboy had used all these crank straps to subdue the mattress, he then used an old water ski rope to tie the mattress, releasing the crank straps.  All subdued and in a box (of course we had destroyed the original box because, remember we LOVED the original mattress!!)We had a package scheduled for delivery to us on Tuesday and when our UPS driver came with that package he took the mattress box with him.  As I said, Amazon is great about returns–once the shipping label was scanned into the UPS driver’s machine, I received an email from Amazon saying my refund had been processed to my credit card.  I guess Amazon figures if the box has shipped they will eventually get it.  Amazon paid the return shipping too.

So, there you have it–the mattress saga!

Still smokey which makes for beautiful sunsets–

17 thoughts on “Mattress Saga

  1. Makes you wonder how anyone without that many straps ever returns one of those mattresses! I keep imagining it busting open in the UPS truck and scaring the driver :-))) Hope the new Supreme is as good as the first! I’m so done with the smoke (again!) and hoping it has moved on this weekend.


    1. I thought the same thing–hope it makes it back to Amazon without breaking out of the box! I’m now scared to order another one, the thinner ones don’t come in “supreme!”


  2. Hubby isn’t a blog reader, but he knew who I was talking about when I asked him to read this one tonight. Paddington and I went outside while he did….he was smiling when I walked back in. Mike’s work is priceless!


  3. Who knew you could buy mattresses which come in a box from Amazon?? I love that the Cowboy “hog tied” that dang mattress…lol
    Beautiful sunset and photo.


    1. We made the mistake in our previous truck camper of putting a too thick mattress in the “hole.” You couldn’t sit up and it made me feel really confined–so it has to be no thicker than eight inches–thus the dilemma!


  4. Thinking about your dilemma…..why not buy another 10″ Supreme mattress? When it arrives take an electric knife (or whatever other tool the Cowboy may deem worthy of the job) and shave off 2″? Sure – you’d be paying for the 10″ but isn’t a good night’s sleep worth it? The only thing is that you’d have to be pretty darned sure you’re going to keep that mattress before doing surgery on it!
    Good luck!


      1. I use an electric knife for cutting foam – but that’s just for crafty stuff around the house. You are correct – the level might be difficult to keep. I know with cakes a wire is used. Perhaps you can rig something like that up but for a mattress sized ‘cake’?


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