Eclipse Excitement

My cameras have solar filters installed, the tripod is fixed (Cowboy to the rescue again), the batteries are charged and I am ready–I think!  Have been reading almost every article I can find, F-stops, shutter speed, bracketing–my head is spinning.  I’ve practiced on the sun with the camera settings and my photos are good–so, I think I am ready!

In the last couple of days we’ve had the pooping bear traveling through the yard and night before last a bear cub ON THE DECK!!!  By the time the Cowboy awakened his sleeping wife (who sleeps with ear plugs) the cub was gone–hopefully to find his mom!

This afternoon the local watershed group hosted a summer picnic at the fire hall.  Yes our little neighborhood has a fire hall and engine.  The food was good, the entertainment fabulous and getting to see many of our friends/neighbors was priceless.

 Another smokey day–not as bad as a couple days ago but still smokey.  The Lolo Peak fire is now at 28,000 acres and is threatening the communities of Lolo and Florence–which Larry and Geri, we traveled through last summer, stopping for fuel.

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoorPhoto by Nathan Hauerwas.

10 thoughts on “Eclipse Excitement

  1. Good luck on your photo’s. Local news last night showed fire crews from Mississippi on their way to Montana. Hope they get there too late, but not likely.


  2. I am anxious to see your photos of the eclipse! No pressure, Just once in hundreds of years! Lol So sad about all the fires.


  3. Now that’s it over I’m naturally wishing I had gotten the film! Will be fun to see yours. Emmi looks very determined :-))) Hope they get the fires contained quickly and safely.


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