It’s A Woman’s Prerogative

“A couple more days of riding then home where I hope this truck camper and I part company!  We are the second owners of this 1999 Lance camper—the first owners FULL TIMED in this box—?????”  And I celebrated when the Lance truck camper we owned headed down the driveway.  But, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind–right??  In the only trip we’ve taken with the Roadmaster toyhauler we realized in spite of it being much shorter than a forty foot motorhome pulling a thirty foot trailer it is still too long to use for what we want to do during Montana summers.  We aren’t selling the Roadmaster as we will probably take it to Arizona with us but we purchased this 2006 Arctic Fox truck camper for summer fun–trips in Montana, heading into Canada and Alaska, etc.

Our friends Angie and Ralph purchased a new Arctic Fox truck camper and have been traveling in Canada and Alaska since mid May.  When we saw their truck camper with its slide, we liked how much more room the slide gave you. So, the Cowboy searched and searched until he found an Arctic Fox with a slide in our budget range–in Bozeman!

Tuesday I went to yoga class held at Nancy’s just up the road then the Cowboy, Emmi and I headed to Big Timber for lunch and a little plumbing work.  Seems this is the year for plumbing issues–we had them in our house when we returned from Arizona, now Nat’s has a leaky toilet.  The Cowboy was able to find parts in Big Timber and fix the leak.

Today was bath and haircut for Ms. Emmi and the Cowboy worked on an extended hitch for our ATV trailer we will pull behind the truck/camper.

Big stick, little dog!

Seems we had a visitor last night–one with terrible bathroom habits–instead of leaving a nice/tidy pile of recycled chokecherry seeds, the bear left little piles all the way across the lawn! 🙂

 See the little dark spots all the way to the deck!

And one last photo–a gorgeous sunset Monday evening taken with the Nikon D5000.

On occasion it’s hard to find a blog subject but in spite of writer’s block sometimes, I love this blog!  I’ve kept a journal for over twenty years and the last nine of those years the journal has been this blog.  Tonight I wanted to find some of the comments I made about our previous truck camper and only had to search the blog for “truck camper” to find the one I used above.  And, I found another funny statement when I searched, “truck camper”–I had totally forgotten Larry ever made this statement but when I read it, I burst out laughing–typical Larry.

When we traveled to Alaska in the truck campers with Larry and Geri we had walkie/talkie radios.  I probably said something on the radio jokingly about being so hungry I was going to crawl from the back truck window into the truck camper to find something to eat.  Larry’s comment back over the radio was, “There’s nobody in that truck who would fit through the camper window!”  Hmmmph!!


12 thoughts on “It’s A Woman’s Prerogative

  1. Oh Larry!! You two are certainly willing to try anything–good for you! I’m so happy we were adventurous during our travel years. Life can change overnight. Now we live through your blog (one of my favorite) and our adventure is on a smaller scale,


    1. Life can change overnight and I guess we are trying to get all out of it we can! The ladies in the local treasurer’s office just roll their eyes when they see me–“they bought something else that needs license plates!” :)))))


  2. You two are so funny! I can’t believe you bought another camping unit. Never a dull moment:) Emmi looks great with her new cut. Love that “little” stick she is carrying!! Oh, Larry, such a great come back!!!


  3. I’ve just started seeing campers with slides and think they must be great in those tiny units! Hope you have grand adventures in yours. I too use the blog to replace my journals which have been a lifelong enjoyment. Since Bill and I were high school sweethearts he’s not always happy I have my old diaries :-)))) Such a rude bear!


    1. It’s amazing how much that small slide helps–we no longer have to say “excuse me” to pass by each other! Yep, the Cowboy knows when not to argue when I drag out the old journals!


  4. Would love to see your new camper with the slide out!
    Did Emmi bark when the bear came wandering through your yard? Did she know, or was she fast asleep?


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