Last evening we had a littler rain shower, this morning I woke to rain and it rained most of the morning–we received almost an inch of rain!  We are very grateful!  The rest of the day has been cloudy and cool, almost as if fall is in the air!

Last fall, I purchased a new to me iPhone 6 from an eBay vendor.  The phone was advertised as “new, other” which means it was either returned by a customer without its box or it could have been a “floor” model.  I loved the phone with its 128GB of storage–no more “your storage is full, unable to take the photo” messages!–but the battery has always been a joke.  With the phone just laying on the table, not in use, the battery would be almost exhausted by noon every day.  I eventually purchased one of those battery cases giving me an extra two charges before I had to plug in the case/phone.

During the time after Rich’s death I was talking to Eric, Rich’s son complaining about the battery in my iPhone. Eric said, “you know you can change the battery.”  I replied, “I thought you had to send the phone to Apple.”  Eric (he’s a bit of a geek) said, “if you are at all handy you can order a battery and changing kit from Amazon, change it yourself.”  Well–I’m not all that handy but the Cowboy is.  For about $26 and less than 30 minutes I now have a battery which lasts–I let the battery run down completely then re-charged.  It’s been almost two days and I haven’t had to charge the phone! Yippee!!  The Cowboy watched a YouTube video and went to work–

The kit I ordered came with these tools you see in the photo.  The Cowboy said even with all the tools he has he couldn’t have changed the battery without the included tools.

The Cowboy has puttered in the garage all day and I’ve quilted with a break to fix lunch and several breaks to play with Emmi–she’s just a touch spoiled I would say!

Received my solar filter film in the mail today for using with the camera to take photos of the eclipse–the other night the Cowboy had the bright idea of using his welding helmet and I practiced using the camera through the helmet on the setting sun surrounded by smoke and clouds.

8 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. In case you were using a Mophie charging case, I had a Mophie case for one of my iPhones and it swelled up and looked like it would explode after two years and out of warranty. Mophie offered me 10% toward a new case and otherwise ignored my complaint, which I believe was ignoring a safety issue… I removed the case before it damaged my phone and will never use another Mophie product.


    1. My case wasn’t a Mophie one–I didn’t like the reviews for the Mophie cases and instead chose the Alpatronix one. It worked well, I would have been plugged into a charger constantly if not for that battery case.


  2. Cool fall like weather sounds perfect to me:) We have left the coast and are in Eugene for three days, then Portland. Today was beautiful…70 and low humidity. But…the temps begin to rise tomorrow but only to the high 80’s. Personally, I love the 60’s. Oh, well! Love your photo using the welding helmet. Good idea!


  3. I have to laugh at your photo of the phone and the tools, it looks like you’re ready for surgery Janna! Cool here also!-nice


  4. I swear we could all learn how to do brain surgery on YouTube! And probably buy the kit to do it on Amazon :-)))
    We’re looking forward to a couple stops in Montana next month (I think Roundup is as close as we get to you, I’ll let you know if that changes), and hopeful we’ll see some of that fall-like weather.


    1. The Cowboy heads to YouTube when he needs instruction–and yes, I think we could learn to do most anything on YouTube. He learned how to break into a Jeep Grand Cherokee when he locked the only set of keys we had inside the jeep! We will hope for good weather for your Montana travels.


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