Blue Jobs, Pink Jobs

And no, I didn’t use the wrong camera settings, this is yesterday morning’s view–it was worse today, even the foothills were obscured by smoke.  This is our “normal” view of the West Boulder mountains.

No Crazy Mountains visible yesterday or today.  Below is the way that view frequently appears–

Yesterday afternoon we were sitting in the yard enjoying the breeze and sounds of the creek.  I pointed to one of our sprinkler heads and we proceeded to have the following conversation:

Me:  We need to dig up that sprinkler head, it’s too far below the ground and pointed too high.

The Cowboy: I know where there’s a shovel you can use.

Me:  Oh, no, that’s a blue job! (Lots of RVers refer to the inside chores of the RV as pink jobs and the outside chores such as dumping tanks blue jobs.

The Cowboy:  Oh, no–it’s only a blue job when I’m using the excavator, shovels are pink jobs!

Me: Hmmph!!

We are currently in another coffee dilemma!  I am a coffee snob and not ashamed of it!  I like dark, strong, flavorful coffee.  We purchase Costco Espresso Blend Dark Roast coffee beans and I grind the beans–I have a heavy duty type grinder which has a container with the capacity to hold enough ground coffee to last about three days.  I usually grind enough beans to last about a week or more and store it in a glass container–I make our coffee the night before and am not enough of a coffee snob to grind my beans fresh each day.  I was feeling lazy the other day and said I was going to stop grinding coffee and just buy it all ready ground–well–that’s not happening!  The ground coffee I purchased was the exact same bean as the Costco coffee we use but what a difference in taste–YUK!  Back to the beans!

I actually quilted today!!  Can you believe it!  Remember this photo from a blog in late JUNE!!  I finished the little horse and started on the fish today–it felt good to be using the longarm!The Cowboy spent the morning in town installing a storm door for his Dad.  Friday morning Nat called to say the storm door was at his house.  The lumber store is owned by a friend of the Cowboy’s and although Ullmans does not usually deliver, they did deliver the door to Nat’s–small town living at its best!

16 thoughts on “Blue Jobs, Pink Jobs

  1. We’re in Missoula and you can’t even tell there are mountains surrounding it. Even using a shovel would be a blue job at our house.


  2. That is some terrible smoke! Wow! Sure hope the wind changes direction. We had a much clearer day today and finally had a view without hazy. John and I both got a laugh out of your conversation! I do a lot of those “we need to” statements, too! John loves that the “we” means he does the manual work while I do the thinking!!! Haha! Good to know great minds think alike:)


  3. Enjoyed your coffee bean thoughts.
    I buy the beans at Costco but grind them there and store in air tight container.
    So maybe I’ll break down and try the fresh bean approach. You have me almost convinced there is a real, true difference in taste. What kind of coffee maker do you use?


    1. If our Costco store had a bean grinder I would use it Linda–lots of Costco’s have them, just not ours in Billings. I use the one in the Tucson Costco. I have the Cuisinart coffeemaker both in Montana and in Arizona–it uses the cone filters. I am convinced the cone filters make better coffee than the basket ones.


      1. Well, re: the cone filters, you may have a right idea there. We have had most all the coffee makers and I’m not thrilled so far. Some years back we had the all stainless Farberware perk type…. Over all we were just as happy with that as the rest of them.
        My husband isnt fussy at all unlike me.
        He is a cowboy too and thinks over a camp fire is the best. Lol
        Atmosphere is great for sure!


  4. We have blue and pink jobs too and the “shovel” definitely belongs to the blue job! Garden work is a blue job. A bit of weeding, yes and harvesting too for the pink. Then comes the canning and that’s enough for pink me.


  5. My “we” references generally end up with searches for a mouse in my pocket 🙂 Hope you soon get relief from that nasty smoke, I’m so grateful it finally moved on from Washington yesterday. So much of Canada is horribly socked in with no end in sight :-((


    1. Yep, I’ve heard that one too–it’s raining this morning, probably not for long but we will take it! The Cowboy was looking at all the fire news yesterday and it’s terrible everywhere in the west, Canada included!


  6. A blue job or a pink job
    I love it,,,, now I have to figure out how to get the pink job person to get me off the floor from laughing so hard
    Thanks from the blue guy


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