Summer Writing Block

Yep, that’s what I have, summer writing block.  We are enjoying being at home–notice the vest the Cowboy is wearing–and our cooler weather. It was 43 degrees when I got up this morning.  There’s not much to write about–we are busy as usual with various projects and as I said, enjoying life.  Time to sit in the yard enjoying a cold beverage, time to watch all the various colorful birds at the feeders and time to just enjoy life–it’s summer in Montana.

We are still smokey–not enough to smell the smoke very often but this morning the mountains were totally obscured.

I have been taking photos with the Nikon D5000 and it’s amazing how a little practice helps in understanding the camera!  All the photos in tonight’s blog were taken with that camera.  I took more photos this morning of the smokey mountains but Picasa isn’t cooperating tonight–I can’t import photos from any of my camera cards nor can I import using a USB cord–we will see what tomorrow brings.

That’s all I have tonight, hope you are all enjoying your summer!  And who let the Cowboy wear that grungy hat???

18 thoughts on “Summer Writing Block

  1. Janna..there’s a story behind that hat! I love old, sweaty cowboy hats. Makes me wonder what they would say if they could talk.


  2. 43, that’s 11 degrees from freezing! But I know your day temp is perfect! Try playing with the speed and have Emmi run in front if you , the background is blury, but she is clear.


    1. I find myself with too many things to think about when using that camera–throw a stick so Emmi will run, adjust this, adjust that–it’s becoming more second nature but I still have to think too hard!


  3. Ha! I saw the Cowboy’s hat & thought it wasn’t his usual one. Then I read your question and it made me chuckle. Some things, no matter how grungy, simply cannot be tossed aside.
    Perfect sounding temps for summertime! Keep on enjoying them.
    ~ Linda K.


    1. I keep threatening to send that hat to the trash can when he’s not around! He has a perfectly good “new” one I gave him about a year ago but it’s too “good” to wear!


  4. Love the Cowboy’s hat —if Writer’s Block gets to you with nothing to write about — you could always share a recipe or two with us!!! Enjoy your blog—–I miss Montana and the Pacific Northwest


  5. Again the weather is Nutz….107* b/4 the sun went down behind my mountain..Then 40* when I got up to the hummers zooming and the neighbors horse,”Tom” asking his mom where his breakfast is..She always brings it…6 Am and 6 PM..I swear “Tom” has a watch or one of those new things on his hoof..What a Fit-Hoof?. He is way younger than I am….I don’t have a clue..


  6. P.S. Meteor shower tonight and tomorrow..I think I read where you have a new camera..Too much smoke here so far, I’ve checked every 2 hours and about to give up as it’s almost 1 AM..Somehow got too old to stay up all night and enjoy the next day….
    I live in one of the darkest skies spots in the U.S. I think you folks are the same or better….45 miles to a grocery store..If you get any pretty pictures please share.


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