Camera Practice

We are loving our cooler weather!  After days of 90+, eighty degrees is heavenly!  Still smokey and that makes for some great photography opportunities.  Remember before we left North Ranch last year I purchased from our friend Mike a Nikon D5000.  I’ve used the camera very little–I would try to take photos, the photos would look awful and I would put the camera away.  While we were on our little mini-vacation I took the camera and manuals–I would read some, then pick up the camera–my photos were still not great.

A couple days ago I decided to learn how to use this camera–period!  I put my Nikon P600 away and started taking the D5000 on our walks.  Practice is paying off!  The above photo of the sun setting with clouds/smoke was taken with the P600 before I put it away–that is such a great camera, it has a 60X optical zoom which zooms in closer than the Nikkor 55-200 lens on the D5000 camera.

These sun setting photos with smoke and clouds were taken with the D5000–

These next photos were also taken with the D5000–a little fuzzy but not bad!

I was in town this afternoon–errands and a little visiting thrown in for good measure.  The Cowboy stayed home and fixed some odds and ends on our toyhauler trailer.  While on our little trip we noticed the truck was not charging the trailer as we traveled.  The Cowboy discovered a blown fuse and a bad wiring job by the previous owners–all fixed now!

The bathroom project is finished–hallelujah!!!I may stain/paint the bead board–haven’t decided yet.

And one last sun/smoke/cloud photo taken with the easy to use, fabulous Nikon P600 🙂

And today is our great-granddaughter Lora Elizabeth’s third birthday.  We remember being in Great Falls, MT with Larry and Geri anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little girl–

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, people eating, table and foodAnd here’s our little man–soon to be 16 months old.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor


10 thoughts on “Camera Practice

    1. Oh, Linda they are so precious–I hate that we are missing these years with Lora while she is in Germany! Laci and Lora will be returning to the states mid-September for a two month visit.


  1. I like the weed photo, with the fuzzy back ground, which is the depth of field, the F stop. You can get very creative with this. Boy those babies are growing! 3 yrs ago, remember it well!


  2. Some day I may learn how to use all the settings on my camera – maybe 🙂 I’m so sick of the smoke! Can’t believe those babies are getting so big. We sure miss ours too.


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