Cooler Weather

I thought cooler weather deserved its own title tonight–still smokey but our high today was about 69 degrees!  In Billings where we were today, the high was 64 while we were there.  A cold front blew through last night giving us a sprinkle of rain and hail.  Billings was hit much harder with high winds, 1/2 inch of rain and hail.

Our trip to Billings today was fruitful–picked up new glasses for me at Costco plus a whole carload of groceries, visited Wal Mart and had a fabulous lunch at CJ’s.  We visited a little with Nat both going and coming as Emmi kept him company today.

We are enjoying some delicious Flathead cherries from the Flathead Lake area near Kalispell, Montana.  A young woman in our community has an uncle with a cherry tree orchard–she helps him sell his cherries by selling 18 pound boxes on our local community Facebook selling site.  We retrieved our box on Sunday and they are amazing!

As I’m a little lacking in blog material tonight I thought I would share this firefighting video with you.  The Cowboy’s Dad and Mom lived in Seeley Lake, Montana for several years.  Fire was always a concern for them as their home sat in a huge pine forest and the roads were one way in, one way out. Let me know if the video doesn’t work–I’ve never inserted a video by linking it to the news source from which it came.

Lindsey Edwards shot this video of a Canadian Super Scooper filling up in Seeley Lake to battle the Rice Ridge fire.

Source: RAW VIDEO: Canadian Super Scooper pulls water from Seeley Lake

10 thoughts on “Cooler Weather

  1. Great video! My son works as a Wildland Firefighter for the BLM in WY. He uses a very very giant bag under the helicopter to collect water that he dumps on the fires. All the women & men who are out fighting the wildland fires are extrembly courageous in my book.


    1. We’ve seen those helicopters dip water from various lakes–that’s precision flying too. And yes, our firefighters are outstanding–anyone who fights fire in that heat desires a medal in my book!


  2. I’m already looking forward to that being our blog title! Washington is yucky right now 😦 We’ve been enjoying Rainier cherries this summer – so delicious. Amazing that those planes can do such precision flying, and wonderful for the fire fighters to get that help on the line.


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