Home Again And Still Hot

I’m sure everyone, everywhere has heard enough complaints about the hot weather but that’s the way it goes.  We have a friend, Phyllis, and her husband Greg who are avid snowmobile riders–they LOVE winter.  Phyllis keeps posting little quotes and photos on Facebook about “wish it was winter” or “I’m ready for snow” and while no one is really ready for snow, cooler temps and less smoke would be wonderful!  The mountains to our west are totally obscured by smoke today and we can smell the smoke–there are several huge fires burning in Montana.

Friday morning we decided a truck tour was in order and we bounced out over the 16 miles of rough roads to the highway.  Lunch in Jackson, Montana was first on the list then we made the tour around the Pioneer Mountains National Scenic Byway.  Gorgeous country, beautiful campgrounds and perfect temps. We ended our tour at the Big Hole National Battlefield where in 1877 sixty to ninety Nez Perce tribe members–men, women and children–were killed by the US military under the command of Colonel John Gibbon.  Unfortunately we were running late and the visitors center was closed.  We did walk out onto the deck overlooking the area where the Nez Perce were camped and attacked.

The area circled notes the Nez Perce camp.

On Thursday afternoon our little seventeen site campground begin to fill and by Friday evening it was packed!  We had an end site so we only had one neighbor–a family with two children and two dogs–one an adorable puppy named Otis who kept escaping.  He had the biggest, floppiest ears!

Saturday morning we launched the kayak again, the lake was calm with lots of people out enjoying the beautiful day.

 Saturday afternoon we decided to make another run up to Ajax Lake in the CanAm.  It was just as gorgeous on Saturday as it was on Wednesday!

 This photo and the one with Emmi were taken high above the lake–we enjoyed our lunch at this spot on both days.

Back at the campground we made the decision to leave for home on Sunday morning.  Waste water tanks were getting full and it was way too far/bumpy to go out of the campground to dump and then return.  It was a special week and we enjoyed our time away so much!


17 thoughts on “Home Again And Still Hot

  1. Smoke was horrible here at Canyon Ferry today also. I agree – don’t want snow but I sure am looking forward to tomorrow when it’s only going to be 80. Enuf with the fires.


    1. Yep, we can leave again if we chose and if the smoke stays we will probably have to leave. I loved those reflections–I braved the mosquitoes every morning to take those reflection photos. :))


  2. Wish y’all were back in Cochise county. The last 2 weeks in June was hot getting ready for the monsoons. Been in the 80’s and rains in the afternoon. Lots of green grass. Thinking about buying a D R walk behind weed eater tomorrow.


    1. We’ve been watching the weather down there and most days it has been cooler than here. I have often thought of buying a DR walk behind weed eater and almost bought one in AZ last year.


  3. Did you visit the hot springs?..Also the one up by the pass?..I can’t recall the name right now….
    The massacre at the Big Hole was so sad, I visited when it was open some years back.
    When we were there those rascally skeeters were out also, this is a very bad year everywhere for those …Bad words….bloodsuckers…
    It’s just too hot everywhere!.
    I’m sitting in my nice cool home, with smoke everywhere..
    No need for a cigarette…:+)……


  4. O.K. I got my map out..Hope you don’t mind my comments..
    From Dillon we headed to the campground at the Bannack S.P. It was summer and the ghost town was very interesting. We parked at the campground and the mosquitos were out in force, even tho it was hot and dry. We left!
    The next stop was a very nice campground on the way to Elkhorn hot springs..The H/S was so-so..Then to Jackson Hot Springs, as I recall you folks aren’t into hot springs, but the log building is something to see. Then off to Wisdom and a nice NFS campground on the way to Chief Joseph pass. and Lost Trail Pass…
    I hope I’m not butting in but just wanted to share this is a swell road to travel..


    1. No, David, we aren’t hot springs kind of folks but that road was beautiful. The campgrounds all along the whole road were great and we could fit in most of them with the new trailer. And yes, the mosquitoes were awful! And no, we don’t mind your comments at all!!


  5. Love your photos. We are going through Montana withdrawal (due to parents ill health) haven’t been in a couple of years. Just added this drive to our list! We will return someday.


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