On The Road Again

Just have to get on the road again–that song seems to be our mantra lately.  Monday we drove to Powell, WY for Rich’s memorial service.  The church was crowded, Jane was so incredibly strong memorializing her husband in a way which left no doubt in your mind how much she treasured him.  Rich’s son Eric also spoke lovingly of his father. We spent some time visiting with their daughter Elizabeth who we’ve not seen in a long time–it was a good day spent saying goodbye to such a special man.

Today we went to Billings–I had an eye exam scheduled and a haircut.  Plus we had the usual assortment of errands.  We came home with a full car and tired feet.

I’m sure all of you watch the Pearce, AZ weather as we do????? 😉  Arizona natives of that area told us June was the worst month–hot and nasty–then the monsoons would start in July–here is a screen shot for the Pearce, Arizona 10 day forecast:

And then here’s a screenshot for our Montana weather–

There are several days with cooler weather in Pearce, AZ than up here in the Montana mountains!!!

Ninety degrees today and we still have those pesky sticky flies!  I’ve found a deterrent–

It’s one of those OFF battery operated fans which propels insect repellent into the air.  I used one of these while we were in Alaska in 2014–I am a mosquito magnetic and this little fan truly helped!  I can still hear the sticky flies buzz by but once they get the OFF scent the little buggers disappear!

Sunset last night was incredible–We get to stay home tomorrow–yippee!

9 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. We had our big campout here at Dogpound North last weekend and there were folks there who seemed to be quite tasty for the mosquitos and I have to say those folks are always welcome at my campfire. I never saw a bug all weekend. LOL


  2. It is a fact that mosquitoes prefer some people over others for a lot of different reasons.
    Rest up on your day off.
    So sorry for your loss. Prayers.


  3. I think we must be living wrong here in Orchard, NE. Even in Arizona it rains, but we are lucky to get a few sprinkles. It’s still thundering from tonight’s storm that seemed to pass us by so maybe there’s still hope. Sure could use the rain!


    1. It is powder dry here in Montana too Linda–the eastern part of the state is suffering a tremendous drought. The parts of our place which aren’t irrigated are powder, crispy dry. The little showers which pass through some evenings aren’t enough to help the moisture level, they just cool us off. Nasty summer–not my favorite season for sure!


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