We Will Take It

Image may contain: textThis afternoon a thunderstorm rolled through our area with strong lightening, thunder and a bit of rain but the best part–our temp went from 94 degrees to 66 degrees!  Wish we could keep that temp for a few days!  One of the worst things in a hot Montana summer are what we call “sticky flies.”  They are buzzing, obnoxious things which land on your glasses, try to crawl up your nose and in your ears–these flies will drive you absolutely crazy with their buzzing!  Bug spray doesn’t affect them at all–the only thing I’ve seen kill the little buggers is horse fly spray and I doubt it would be good to douse myself in that stuff! 🙂

It’s been a touch boring around here–the bathtub is in the bathroom now instead of on the deck :)–that’s progress! The Cowboy grouted the tile yesterday and I served as clean up woman.

We took a late evening CanAm ride up Elk Creek Saturday but saw no wildlife only people–what’s up with that???  We usually see no one up there!

As I said, it’s been a touch boring so here are some new photos of the grandkids–Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup–Lora, Laci and John in Edelweiss, Germany over the July 4th holiday.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, tree, sky and outdoor

Katie and Brooks in the Beartooth Mountains.

Not sure where Brooks is in this photo or where he is headed but he’s one adorable little cowboy!

8 thoughts on “We Will Take It

  1. Such cute grandchildren!! I love the Beartooth Pass photo…one of our all time favorite motorcycle roads. Good to hear you got a break from the heat! Hope it holds for a few days:)


  2. I don’t know if this works or not but one of my garden buddies swears she gets rid of mosquitoes bothering her if she liberally dabs on vanilla. To me, this would just ATTRACT flies…smelling like a cookie, but she says it works on mosquitoes. Perhaps it would help with detering flies…


    1. I’m going to try vanilla this morning when we go for our walk. After I posted the blog last night I took Emmi for a walk up into the hayfield and the buzzing flies about sent us back to the house before we even got started!


  3. Since I have gotten older, and not dead, slower also, I purchased a couple of electric swatters that look like a tennis racquet..Just great for hitting skeeter and biting flies.
    Also the sound of them exploding is quite enjoyable…….Only $6.00 at Walmart..
    I guess I have an evil side……


  4. Got my first mosquito bite of the season walking through tall grass at the Columbia River yesterday 😦 Hoping it’s the last! How nice to have a couple days of heat break. The kiddos are adorable :-))))


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