Still Grumpy

It’s still good hay cutting weather but not good weather for anything else.  This heat just saps any energy we might have.  Weed spraying is finished for the year–Over the last week I’ve sprayed out 100 gallons of weed killer mix, 10 gallons at a time.  I’ve climbed all over these hills and ditch banks chopping weeds with a shovel.  When I came back to the house to make lunch I was so dang hot and exhausted I told the Cowboy, “I’m done and so is the weed spraying for the year!”

The UPS and FedEx trucks have been making regular runs up our driveway delivering packages of things for the new to us Roadmaster RV.  First and best of all was a new mattress–isn’t it amazing mattresses come in boxes delivered right to your door.  No more looking goofy as you try to pick a mattress by laying on one in the store.  We purchased this one from Amazon and if we don’t like it, it’s returnable.

This bed is almost as hard to make as the truck camper bed, the mattress fits very snugly across the front of the RV with access through the opening you see in this photo.  One person is sleeping against the front wall and that would be the Cowboy–he doesn’t get up at night, I do. 🙂

There is another bed in the RV–you can see it in the below photo against the ceiling–it lowers electrically on tracks to various heights.

There is ample storage, of course not as much as was in the Country Coach motorhome but we aren’t living in this rig, it’s a camping rig.  I still have several empty cabinets which is always a good thing!  Accessing the bed also requires the use of a step stool and we are not short people!

 This is probably the best the bed will ever look!

 One of the things I’m missing from the motorhome is drawers–this rig only has two–the Country Coach had ten!!

The Cowboy is making progress with the bathroom remodel project, he installed the last of the tile today, now for trim and then grouting.  Yippee!


14 thoughts on “Still Grumpy

  1. Your camper looks very nice it seems perfect for what you needed for. And don’t worry about the bed just sleep in sleeping bags! and then you don’t need to fix it again coming from experience


  2. Yep. It’s just right for you, I think. Your two drawers sound luxurious to me, though. I have none. My trailer is teensy, suitable for 1 1/2 people. I took “lightweight” too seriously when I bought this thing. However, it does have all the requisite parts I needed, and so I added a extra hatch under the bed and lots of Command hooks. It’s not perfect, but it will do for camping.


  3. Love your RV. Nice that a normal sized mattress will fit in there. I remember our bed was between a regular size and a queen. We could not replace the mattress unless we ordered they the dealer. I guess they got a lot of complaints so they changed it. We had a Gulfstream 30′. I hated sleeping in it. I am a very light sleeper.
    I can’t imagine all that weed killer you sprayed. Does it ever affect your breathing? Seems like a lot to inhale. Take care and Don’t work too hard.


    1. I too am a very light sleeper as is my husband. I use earplugs, he just doesn’t sleep well. The new mattress fits like a glove which is why it is so hard to make. I’m extremely careful Deb with the weed spray–I don’t spray if there is the slightest breeze, our sprayer is a wand attached to a long hose and shoots the spray out away from us really far. As soon as I finish spraying I shower.


  4. This new RV will sure take some getting use to, but I guess it makes more sense than the MH since you really only use it to go back and forth to your homes. Can’t wait to hear how the bed works out:) Looks roomy inside!


  5. Too hot for sitting around, let alone working outside! Love the new trailer – you’ll figure out the bed stuff (sure looks pretty now). What really stands out though – Michael doesn’t have to get up in the middle of the night???? Wow!!


  6. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like
    a clean, very roomy camper.
    Just don’t fall getting out of your bed
    in the middle of the night!


    1. Lol…. I was thinking about you finding
      the step stool with your feet in the middle of the
      night as you get out of bed….😊


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