A Good, Quiet July 4th

Last week we received an email invite from friends Geoff and Nancy–“Nancy and I would like to have you and the Nobles over for a 4th of July rib fest.  It will be exceedingly quiet and predictably low-key.”  And it was with good friends, great food–our kind of party.  Geoff and Nancy’s house sits along the river making their yard a touch cooler being so close to the water–at 88 degrees being a touch cooler is a good thing!

Nancy has a gift with flowers and yard decorations–it’s a beautiful and peaceful spot along the river.

Shine’s favorite spot when it’s hot!

 Solving the problems of the world.

The Roadmaster is ready to go from my standpoint–all we need to load now is food and clothing.  The Cowboy has some projects he wants to finish plus he needs to load tools and all that kind of stuff.  We do have a large Amazon order arriving on Thursday–a new mattress, etc.  Forest fires are cropping up everywhere in Montana–temps in the 90’s with wind make for fast drying conditions.  But on the other hand, those are good hay making conditions and our neighbor is taking advantage!

We think Emmi is fairly bullet proof when it comes to loud noises–she has never been around fireworks but has been exposed to gunfire on numerous occasions.  Gunfire, thunder–she doesn’t even flinch or wake up from a nap!  I’ve felt so sorry for the many people on Facebook saying their dogs are terrified by the fireworks–one of the reasons we are glad not to live in town!

Lemon cheesecake–one of my contributions to the food last night.

I made a run to town this afternoon for multiple errands–license plates for the Roadmaster, weed killer, the bank–etc.  The Cowboy stayed home and cleared a new path with the mini-excavator so I could more easily spray some weeds from the CanAm–oh joy!



10 thoughts on “A Good, Quiet July 4th

  1. Sounds like the perfect July 4th celebration to me. Beautiful yard on the river. I don’t know how those guys wear jeans and long sleeves when it is that warm. Love that color of the alfalfa! So pretty! The cheesecake looks so delicious:)


    1. Nancy and Geoff’s place is beautiful. I’ve never understood the jeans/long sleeves but I’ve NEVER seen my dear Cowboy in anything but a long sleeve shirt and the only “shorts” I’ve ever seen him wear were swim trunks–those white legs are blinding! 🙂 🙂


  2. What a beautiful, peaceful place to live. The cheesecake looks delicious. So glad to hear you all had a nice gathering. My dog Minko doesn’t flinch over fireworks or thunder either, but when the TV satellite flickers and makes that weird sound he gets in my lap until I can assure him the TV is ok. He doesn’t do well with quietness. He likes the TV on during the day and the sound machine on at night.
    Love the pic of the hay harvest. I can just smell it. Sorry to hear about the fires. It’s that time of year I guess.
    I just got to Mom’s in AR. It is unusually wet for July. In TX too and temps are not unbearable as normal.


  3. Beautiful location, it looks so peaceful. That cheesecake looks like it melts in the mouth – I bet all of it was gone quickly 🙂 Cracked me up that work is done so that other work can be done, you guys never stop :-))))


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