It’s Making Me Grumpy

Let’s just get the weather info out of the way–it’s making me grumpy–91 degrees yesterday and today with no end in sight to these way too hot temperatures–UGH!  Our house is not air conditioned.  Our only saving grace is once the sun goes down the temperatures cool quickly.

Our neighbor’s hay field which is planted in sainfoin–an alfalfa type hay and it blooms pink–kind of pretty!

Yesterday and today I worked on cleaning the inside of the RV–it’s air conditioned! 🙂 :)The Cowboy wasn’t so lucky, he raked and baled hay yesterday.  Today he stacked all the hay–that project is finished for the year and he is glad!

When we sold the motorhome we packed into boxes all our belongings.  Today I went through those boxes and moved some of the stuff into the new rig.  Wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find the non-stick shelf paper until almost the very last box–guess I should have labeled better!  The Country Coach had a 450hp CAT engine and I never worried much about the weight of items I was packing.  This trailer will be pulled by our Ford one ton diesel truck–a big difference–so I am being extra careful with what I put in the trailer.  We keep reminding ourselves–this is a camping trailer not a living trailer.

Just over a year ago Mom’s husband Chuck suffered that massive heart attack and we weren’t sure he was going to live.  Not only did he live but Chuck and Mom drove from Arkansas to California over the last few days to visit a sister, then will drive to Seattle to visit a stepdaughter.  Last stop will be here at our house before they head back to Arkansas.  Amazing!

I heading to the basement–it’s cooler down there!

8 thoughts on “It’s Making Me Grumpy

  1. The mosquitos and the heat keep me in the house over here in Wa..
    Good thing being retired and not having to go out and pour concrete in the heat..We used to have to start at 2 AM to beat the heat, now I’m just getting to bed after watching Fallon and Seth……I love it!


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