Sad But Good

And there goes our motorhome.  As we were driving the forty foot motorhome towing the thirty foot trailer from Arizona to Montana in early May, the Cowboy began thinking it was time to downsize–I’ve been thinking it for a while!  We really don’t need a forty foot motorhome to go back and forth between two houses and we would really like something smaller to use during Montana summers.  This Country Coach was a 1996 and older coaches are hard to sell.  We listed the coach on Craigslist and for almost a month had not one phone call.  We lowered the asking price an insignificant amount and changed the wording of the ad.  The very same morning I changed the ad a guy from Roundup, MT called–he was in Livingston and would be passing through Big Timber in about a hour, could he come look at the coach.

Long story short, he bought the coach and we delivered it to Big Timber on Saturday morning.  We were sad to see the old girl go–our next RV will most certainly not be the quality of that motorhome.  Granite floor tiles, corian countertops, cherry cabinets, real wood pocket doors–it was a gorgeous coach but it’s time to move on.

We are negotiating with a young couple in Billings to purchase their Roadmaster Predator toy hauler–a bumper pull travel trailer.  The trailer was located in a storage lot with no power available and the generator needed servicing. Once the rig has power and we can see everything working, it’s the one we will purchase.   Yep, it’s way smaller and we sure moved a whole lot of stuff out of the Country Coach–time to downsize stuff too I guess!

Yesterday it was 91 degrees, today it was only 60 degrees with some rain showers–strange weather!

Our friends Angie and Ralph are traveling in Alaska with their truck and truck camper.  In the last few days Angie caught a 28 pound halibut while out on a fishing charter.  Angie once said to us–“you guys change RVs more often than some people change their underwear!”  Well, Angie, we are changing again but we owned the Country Coach 7 years, way longer than any other RV we have had!



16 thoughts on “Sad But Good

  1. Well, that certainly is going to be a change for you two. But as you said, with two homes you really don’t need a third home. How will you get the Jeep back and forth? Or will you just leave it in Montana? What about the trailer Michael put all that work into with solar panels and batteries?


    1. The yellow jeep will just have to hang out in the garage in Montana for the winter. We are going to try sending our trailer down the road with the solar, if it doesn’t sell as a package, the Cowboy will strip the solar and install it in our new toyhauler.

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    1. No, they don’t make coaches like that one any more, we will miss the luxuries–built in trash and laundry bins, washer/dryer, thick carpet–but we also think this new rig will meet our needs–time will tell!


  2. With all my trips to/through AZ and NM, I thought I might see you driving down the road but I’m so confused now as to where you live in the summer and how you get there that I think I’m not going to look anymore. Maybe I’ll be dragging my trailer and unintentionally figure out that’s..gasp…that’s YOU two I’m seeing near Benson. Or is it Sierra Vista? No. No. That’s someone else driving a forty foot motorhome with Montana license plates. smiles.


  3. You’ll probably miss the old girl but I can understand your need for a smaller RV. We had a truck ans camper at first and spent 2 winters in Arizona with that. Then we bought a 5th wheel, 27 ft which we really liked. It did mot have a slide-out but we found it roomy enough. Sure was sorry to sell that outfit but due to medical issues we could not get additional medical insurance and it is too risky to go without that. Hope you will enjoy your new purchase.


  4. Sure do understand about changing RV’s to suit one’s needs. We RV-house people have to be able to roll with the punches alright. Keeps us on our toes and slows down the cobwebs from building up in our minds:))


  5. Downsizing to smaller RVs and spending more time in a house seems to be a trend this year, but going down the road with a smaller rig will be freeing.


    1. It will be freeing–the Cowboy was always saying to me (especially when it involved a quilt shop), “I can’t get this rig in there.” Hopefully I won’t hear that as much now???


  6. My “Lucy” is an 1988 and since my wife has passed I sure don’t need such a large rig..But as you said it’s hard to sell an older rig, I’d be happy if I could chop 5′ off of her..I’ll just keep the lady since I know I can go anywhere with her..Mechanically excellent!..Bayfield Al is close to you two and changing underwear…Sad to see an old pal go down the road without
    We all will be watching I’m sure…


  7. Will you be able to move into part
    of your new digs in AZ sometime this
    summer? Isn’t it the guest house your
    renovating first . That would be
    comfortable for you.
    When you return to AZ is there a likely
    hood that you will find snakes an scorpions in the house that came in thru
    the winter….. Be cautious .


    1. We will Linda–we have only a small amount of work to do on the guest house. We will move into the guest house while we are working on the main house. I hope to goodness there are no snakes in my house in AZ–that just might signal the end of our living in AZ!!! Scorpions I expect–it’s an AZ thing.


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