Couldn’t Ask For Better Weather

Each year in late June Big Timber is host to Sweet Grass Fest held in conjunction with the rodeo parade and rodeo held on Friday and Saturday evenings.  In the beginning Sweet Grass Fest started out small but has morphed into a large event with great live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.  On Saturday during the day there is a large vendor fair with craft and food offerings plus a growing car show.  It’s a chance to enjoy the spectacular Montana weather, visit with neighbors and friends plus partake of all the festival has to offer.  We love attending and today was no exception!

Under sunny, clear blue skies and temperatures in the mid 70’s we headed to Big Timber this morning leaving Emmi with Nat before we headed to downtown Big Timber.  We don’t like to take Emmi to crowded events–for one thing she is a black dog and her hide soaks up the sun, for another thing she is tiny and someone could easily/accidentally step on her.  So–she stays with Nat.

We found lots of people we knew and spent a great deal of our time visiting before sneaking off to the Thirsty Turtle for lunch.  The food being cooked by the vendors smelled and looked absolutely delicious but there is limited seating and the seating is in the sun–ya, ya–I know I’m picky but I don’t like to stand up to eat having to hold food and drink in my hand.

The car show was larger this year than it’s ever been–I love hearing the Cowboy talk about each car, “if they can keep the wheels on the ground, it’s the fastest car here.”  He was referring to this car–with a 427 engine.This is our friend/neighbor Dava with the car which at one time belonged to her Dad.  Dava’s dad died when she was young, the car was sold and only in the last several years was the car returned to Dava.

Note the patriotic leg wraps!  These mules were a whole lot better behaved than one of the horses in the next photo–You can’t see the horse but the guy in the black cowboy hat was riding a very spirited horse.  The noise of the “rat rod” in front of the riders wasn’t helping the horse’s disposition.  The horse danced all over the street and at one time came way too close to the absolutely perfect paint job on this old truck–I’m thinking his rider was cringing as he struggled to make the horse behave.

 Our friend/neighbor Ken–one of the folks who took us to the Pryor Mountains National Wild Horse Range.We enjoyed our day in town and tomorrow we are off on an adventure–stay tuned for some exciting news!

8 thoughts on “Couldn’t Ask For Better Weather

  1. I was thinking our hometown here had the only tractor and soccer teams parade left in the West, but I’m glad to see, ’tain’t so.


  2. How fun!! Love the shiny cars and handsome mules. I always feel bad for the riders whose horse gets spooky – they sure can’t relax and enjoy the parade like the others.


    1. That guy was cool as a cucumber as were the rest of the riders/horses with him. It was amazing to watch–the guy only seemed to get a bit concerned when his misbehaving horse got to close to that shiny truck!


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