It’s Haying Time

The Cowboy usually cuts hay around July 4 but last year he cut about this time of summer as we had an ATV trip planned.  So, I guess he decided this was a good time to cut hay this year too–no trips planned at this time but you never know!  The wind has howled today, yesterday we had a high temp of 86 and today 81–makes for fast drying hay.  Have you seen how hot it is in Arizona???  Wow–so very glad we don’t have to stay there in summer!

I killed the lawnmower–it was mowing fine this morning, after lunch the mower part wouldn’t engage.  The Cowboy said I hit a rock–a big rock!  But that’s isn’t all that’s wrong with the old mower–we’ve had it a long time, the mower wasn’t expensive and we’ve used it.  It’s now in pieces in the garage–we will see if the Cowboy can make it work again!  Weed whacking was next on my agenda–UGH!  If it doesn’t rain soon it may well be the end of my mowing and weed whacking in places we don’t irrigate such as down by the county road.

The Cowboy had cleaning irrigation ditches on his agenda Tuesday so I made a run to Billings by myself for a haircut and to pick up just a few things at Costco.  This time of year we go through a lot of fresh fruit–strawberries, watermelons, oranges–and it just isn’t obtainable at our little grocery store in Big Timber.

And that’s all there is today–thanks for checking in with us!

11 thoughts on “It’s Haying Time

  1. We are finally getting warmer weather too. It was a miserable spring but I would still like that better than the Arizona weather. You have the best of both worlds. I still enjoy your post every day even though I did not leave many comments. 🙂


    1. Yes, we do have the best of both worlds. Even though the Pearce, AZ temps are not as high as those in Phoenix, it’s still dang hot and I wouldn’t want to be there in summer!


    1. Lawn work was OK until the mower died! The first couple times weed whacking in spring are brutal as the grass always grows so fast but this time of year when we’ve had some hot days, the job is much easier and quicker, only took me less than 45 minutes to do all the weed whacking yesterday.


  2. Our highest temp in Tombstone was 105 for a couple of hours on Monday, then 102 Tuesday and Wednesday. Be back in the 90’s soon. Only 7 percent humidity. It’s fine in a house, but not as comfortable in a rv.


    1. And Rosalee–you and your fine husband have a much higher tolerance for heat than this girl! Let’s hope we get some monsoon moisture! Down in the high 30’s here tonight!


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