Glad That’s Over

DSCN4756The garage sale that is–UGH–I’m thinking this might have been my last garage sale.  I get caught up in the hype–the city of Big Timber was having its yearly city wide garage sale–the Cowboy and I thought, why not?  Well, I’ll tell you why not–it’s a whole lot of dang work!  We did very well today but we had a few big ticket items which we were sure would sell and they did–right at 8am.  The rest of the morning was slooooow!

The Cowboy was sad when he started pricing his horse packing equipment but today he felt better about selling it.  The city publishes on the local Facebook sites a map and brief description of what each location is selling.  I also posted on the Facebook sites photos and brief descriptions of the big ticket/sure they would sell items.  In the Facebook post I said, “please, no early sales.”

The sale was to start at 8am.  At 7:50am two vehicles pulled up–one was a woman I knew who had expressed interest in the Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  The other truck contained a young man and his mom.  Both vehicle occupants were very respectful of my time request and did not leave their vehicles until I waved them over a few minutes before 8am.  The woman bought the Featherweight and the young man was so excited about the Cowboy’s horse packing equipment.  The Cowboy was thrilled his equipment was going to someone just starting out in the packing business and threw in horse pads and other stuff.  We had a steady stream of people all morning and occasionally someone would purchase something–I did sell another antique sewing machine.  As I said, we had a good day but it’s not something I want to do again–we have lots to take to the thrift store!

It’s that time of year when our yard and flower beds are gorgeous–


And Sunday is Father’s Day.  My Dad has been gone since 2002 and I miss him every single day–

DadThis photo was taken when Mom was working as a cook on a dude ranch near Ennis, Montana.  They loved to spend summers in Montana escaping the hot Arkansas weather.

IMG_2318Nat and the Cowboy–this photo was taken about two years ago, probably on Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!




12 thoughts on “Glad That’s Over

  1. Selling off my pack gear always jabbed at me… still does… still haven’t sold my saddle… I do that, just toss me in a hole and throw dirt in my face.


  2. Your place is so pretty! I never minded doing yard sales – there were a lot of them – but I’m glad I no longer have them. Passed a garage sale sign yesterday and just smiled :-)) Happy Father’s Day to Michael!


  3. Glad your sale went well, but garage sales are not fun. We were going to have one when we began fulltiming. The idea of pricing all those items was mind boggling. So about that same time our daughter’s church was having their annual yard sale to raise money. We ended up taking everything there!! Even four bikes! We took four packed car loads. Boy am I glad we did that.

    Your yard and flower beds look beautiful:) Have a nice Father’s Day with Nat!


  4. How are the skeeters in your area?..I just got home from a trip and they are hungry here in the Chelan area. I’m ready to leave again before I lose too much blood…


  5. Thanks for the skeeter info..La Pine SP they were hungry last week..Today at my house they were nutz!..So I’m thinking of heading East towards Hot Springs MT. and other places in Montana I have yet to visit..Being retired has it’s advantages for sure.
    I just come to a crossroad and turn left..or right..Adventures ahead!


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