Billings Again

When we are in Montana our time is often filled with doctor and dentist appointments.  I’ve been to see my nurse practitioner, it was the Cowboy’s turn to see one of his physicians today.  I also dropped by the office of my nurse practitioner to retrieve a written prescription.  And here’s the story on the why of that one!

It’s another “why I love our healthcare system” rant.  I chose a new healthcare plan with a higher deductible at the beginning of 2017.  I made this choice with eyes wide open and was fully informed.  A higher deductible allows the use of a health savings account–a very attractive tax break!  We can afford a higher deductible and I am reasonably healthy.  I knew the cost of my medications would be greater until the deductible was met.  Greater, not robbed!!!

I take a statin–Crestor.  The cost of that prescription changed very little with this new plan.  I also use a hormone patch–I was paying $20 for a three month supply with my old insurance plan.  I would now be paying $206 for a three month supply with the new health insurance plan.  Each patch would cost almost $9.  I checked  Same patch, three month supply–$94–about $4 per patch. requires a written prescription be mailed to them–my doctor was very accommodating and wrote me the prescription.  Of course by buying the medications in Canada I can’t claim the $94 against my deductible but I would rather pay out of pocket than be ripped off!

Last evening I walked by the west facing windows and gasped–not bad for a Montana sunset!


Wednesday I spent most of the day getting ready for the garage sale.  The Cowboy worked on the bathroom tub remodel.  It was a cool, very windy day so inside work was good!


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, ocean, outdoor, water and natureMy two great nieces on the coast of Alabama with my sister, their grandmother.  My sister Ann likes things clean, very clean–they’ve been at the beach for about a week–I think all the sand has about sent her over the edge! 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Billings Again

  1. The picture of Michael is fantastic!! You must get that one framed:) Glad you looked out the window and caught the gorgeous sunset. Sure was a beauty:) I know exactly how your sister is feeling!!! I can’t stand sand anywhere which is probably why I am not a big beach visitor. Notice how we spend more time in the rocks!:)

    In response to your comment on our blog…when John realized we were on the wrong road, he asked if we could find a way back over to the right road. NO! We were on the only road and heading over the high mountains toward Portland which would mean coming back east quite a ways on 84 to get to our park. We probably would have continued, but we are having some radiator issues and wanted to avoid a huge climb until we have it serviced at Cummins in August. John usually doesn’t turn around either! Must be a guy thing…haha!


  2. For a moment I thought you had oceanfront property in Montana, and a shame about drug cost skyrocketing again and again and again


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