Flowers and Fire

Yesterday I happened to see a blurb on one of the Arizona Facebook groups about a fire near the town of Dragoon–YIKES–that’s only about six miles from our house as the crow flies.  The fire is 7500 acres and burning in the Dragoon Mountains–one of our view mountains.  Our friend Linda sent us these photos.  The small community of Dragoon and the Cochise Stronghold have been evacuated.  Cochise Stronghold is visible from our home.

Dragoon Fire2Dragoon Fire

Getting old is not for sissies!  Thursday and today I weeded flower beds and strawberry beds–goodness me, I can hardly walk!  And Thursday it was dang hot, almost 90 degrees!!  Today it hasn’t even reached 70 degrees–that’s Montana weather for you!

Today we made a run to town to license the Can-Am–we have a cool trip in the works and we visited with Nat.  Other than normal chores, there’s not much going on around here.  The next blog will be more interesting–I promise!

8 thoughts on “Flowers and Fire

  1. We’ve had one wildfire here outside Bend that had a neighborhood on Level 1 alert because they were only a half mile from the fire. Took almost two weeks till the area was open again. It was human set!! I sure hope they get the Dragoon Mt fire under control real soon.


  2. Sorry to hear about the fire. Hope it is contained soon. Those flowers are beautiful.
    It’s hot in Texas, always a long, hot Summer here.


    1. Deb–I don’t think I could ever live in the south again–I love our summers even if we do occasionally see temps over 100 degrees–we have very little humidity and very few bugs.


  3. Glad the fire isn’t threatening your place, but sad to see it so close to the Stronghold! You’re working way too hard (again, still). Glad you have such lovely flowers to enjoy :-)))


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