Craigslist And High Water

DSCN4706The wild roses are blooming everywhere–Montana native folks tell me this means high water is over.  Judging by the river flow, the Cowboy thinks it means the water won’t get any higher!!

We use Craigslist extensively when either buying or selling.  During this recent “stuff” purge we’ve listed almost everything on Craigslist and had great luck!  Unfortunately those idiots with nothing to do are still out there.  When selling an item on Craigslist you can elect to allow the seller contact via phone, text or email.  Your email address is not actually published, it is encrypted by Craigslist so the person contacting you has no access to your email address.

The scammers are always out there–frequently we receive emails asking “is your item still available?”  Sometimes just minutes after the ad goes live.  IF you answer that email then the fun begins.  You will usually receive another email which goes something like this (spelling errors are intentional):

“I am seriusly wanting to buy your itme.  I have problem I am not there if you will give me email address I will send you cashir chek”—–and it goes on and on.  When we receive these emails I have the almost uncontrollable urge to fire back an email which states, “fat chance jerk!!!”  but I restrain myself! 🙂

We don’t respond to these emails, we just delete, period.  Today while the Cowboy was scrolling through Craigslist, he started to chuckle.  This scammer is way lacking in intelligence!!! Can you find all the mistakes he made in his ad not including the too good to be believed price???

2012 flagstaff 5th wheel$4000 

2012 flagstaff

fuel: other
transmission: automatic

Have a great Camper for sale. Has two slides in the living room that makes a great big room. Electric fire place large master room with shower and bathroom,6-8 sleep, like new condition
One of the irrigation ditches leading to Joe and Tammy’s place needed some cleaning so the Cowboy took his mini-excavator up there spending the day playing in the dirt on Tuesday.  Emmi was getting to be rather shaggy and stinky.  I have commercial grade Oster clippers but have never had guards for the blades leaving Emmi looking a little ragged at time.  I found a set of guards at Amazon which would fit my Oster clippers–the guards made it much easier to keep her fur all the same length.   Emmi’s fur is very fine textured and would get caught between the blade and guard–my only complaint and I’m not sure it was the fault of the equipment–it could just be her fur.
DSCN4710Columbine are blooming
Today was Big Timber errands day–I needed birdseed–the little wild birds are eating us out of house and home!  We met Jeane for lunch and to exchange quilts–I had finished one for her and now I am going to quilt a 4H quilt for her granddaughter PJ.  The Cowboy had a long list as did I.  After all that errand running we stopped to visit with Nat for a while–he was very disappointed to find Emmi wasn’t along–it was a little too warm to leave her in the vehicle while we ate and ran all those errands so she stayed home.
DSCN4712Snow in Summer in my flower beds and daisies in a deck planter.  It was a beautiful day!

10 thoughts on “Craigslist And High Water

  1. I believe that i would not be able to control my self with the scammer with the trailer. I would want to know how many gears are in the transmission , does it have power steering and brakes. that would be to good to pass up. I enjoy reading your blog very much


  2. I hate those craigslist goofs, although their stories were sometimes quite creative. I had one guy who was on an offshore drilling rig in Thailand. I told him I was pretty attached to the truck I was selling and wanted it to go to a good home, so I needed to meet the folks who were interested in person to ensure that it wouldn’t be mistreated.


  3. I sold a set of shelves that I listed on Craigslist to a young woman and her mom. As they were getting back in their truck, I heard her say “Yay! Another not-creepy Craigslist buy.” Made me laugh so hard :-)))) Even better, we found our Tessa on Craigslist!!! The blooms are beautiful, the Columbine especially delicate.


    1. That is a funny story Jodee! I sometimes worry about all these people trucking to our house but we’ve been doing it a long time–we both try to be here when someone comes. We did have a young sounding guy ask us to meet him in a public place as it was Craigslist but we declined and he ended up coming to our house. Loving all our flowers!


  4. I love the wild roses! They’re an unusual color for a rose and no layered petals. I didn’t see any thorns either. The flowers are very pretty.


    1. Those roses are pink Deb–I tried to adjust the saturation of the photo without success. They are a pretty, delicate pink and oh, yes they do have thorns! They grow wild in Montana and I’ve labeled them a weed as they grow like weeds–everywhere!


  5. We also have them everywhere here in Alberta. It used to say on our license plates and on the Alberta signs . Alberta Wild Rose Country. Yes I remember some wild stories when JB was selling his Truck on Criegs List.


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