Lots Of Water

After a busy week then branding day on Saturday, we were neither the height of ambition on Sunday.  Monday I managed to finish a customer quilt, do some laundry and make us lunch.  We tried a recipe for Greek salad which was in the last issue of Escapees Magazine.  It was delicious–I’m not a huge fan of oregano and this salad dressing recipe called for one tablespoon of dried oregano.  I only used a half tablespoon and it was plenty–very good!  In case you are worried about the Cowboy only having salad for lunch–I also fed him leftover pork tenderloin! 🙂

Monday afternoon late I said, “why don’t we drive up and see the falls?”  The Cowboy thought he could manage that and off we went.  Natural Bridge Falls is our local tourist attraction–in times of high water brought on by melting snow the waterfall is actually a water fall–100 feet high.  The rest of the year the river disappears through an opening in the limestone exiting out another hole closer to the bottom of the falls. There are only a few days per year when the water “goes over the top” as the locals say and in dry years it may not even happen those few days.  It’s always a thrill to see and hear!

DSCN4690I am standing on the wooden bridge watching the river flow toward the falls.DSCN4703

Remember our problems with Emmi’s separation anxiety and the purchase of the Barkwise Vibration Collar?  Well, Emmi hasn’t worn that collar since late February when we moved to Pearce and once again had no neighbors for her to annoy.  Lately Emmi has decided to start “baying!”  There is no other word for it–it’s not barking, it’s baying! And no amount of talking, saying “no bark” helps, she continues to bay.  The Cowboy retired early last night and I walked outside to take a photo of the sunset–Emmi saw me outside and must have thought I was the big, bad bogeyman!  The baying woke the Cowboy and made me so angry I found Emmi’s vibration collar and plugged it in to charge.  People were coming this morning to haul away another piece of our “stuff” so I activated the collar–Emmi heard it beep, ducked her head and waited for me to put it around her neck.  She went roaring outside when she heard the vehicle and never barked–amazing!


Life is good.

6 thoughts on “Lots Of Water

  1. So glad you caught the falls when they were flowing over the top. So pretty:) Glad that collar works for Emmi! Funny you should mention the Greek Salad in the Escapee magazine. I thought about making the same salad! Sounds great!


  2. Wonderful to see the top falls – such a beautiful river. How strange that after all this time Emmi has found a new voice to sing with. Good to know the collar works so well.


    1. Well Jodee, that’s a very kind way of putting it but we are wishing she would lose that “new voice to sing with!” She is going to find herself wearing that collar round the clock!


  3. Water always amazes me – its beauty & its strength! Poor Emmi…she probably thought by ‘changing her voice’ she wasn’t bothering anyone. 😉
    The red flower picture reminds me of your red decorated pine tree a few weeks ago. What was the end result of those ‘decorations’?


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