Branding Day

And could there be a spot any more beautiful in the world for branding??  It was another one of those fine why we live in Montana kind of days.  Lots of folks turned out to help Lonn brand–even some short in the britches (as we say in the south) folks–

Isn’t he adorable!My designated job was as the cook–Lonn and Michael started a batch of ribs in the roaster, Katie had baked a cake and made a salad.  I brought the potato salad, baked beans, brownies and ice cream.  Once the cows/calves were all in the corral, Emmi and I headed to the house to keep watch over the ribs and to have things ready when the crew arrived–hungry and thirsty!  It was a great day and on these kind of days I wouldn’t trade my life for the life of anyone else.

The little cowboy introducing me to his little brother–a cowboy in training!

And there’s our little cowboy–Brooks doesn’t like his hat!

Thursday the Cowboy moved rocks and dirt.  I worked on a customer quilt before heading to town in the evening for a “Breakfast With Herbs” party at the local greenhouse owned by our friends Kelli and her daughter Bonnie.  Friday was more of the same–grass mowing, house cleaning, etc.  In the evening Joe, Tammy and their son Jeff came for dinner–it’s always a pleasure to see them when they come to spend time in Montana.  Since graduating from college Jeff has pared his budget down to bare bones (what 23 year old in this country doesn’t have a cell phone????) and has traveled the world.  He has come home and is searching for the right summer job–he hopes to begin traveling again in the fall.  I admire his confidence!

Amazing views!


12 thoughts on “Branding Day

  1. I would love your life!
    What cute lil’ Cowboys!
    It’s so beautiful there. What was the temperature that day? (just curious)


  2. I love your pictures! It’s so different from the area of Texas where I reside. Working cattle brought for memories buried long ago. Ahhh! They were good memories….a young couple farming and raising cattle.


  3. Looks like a perfect day! Definitely prettier location for branding than our hot and dry central California ranch. Although this year I think even they have green in June 🙂 Love the kiddos!


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